Newegg Return Policy: Your Guide to Easy Product Returns

Learn more about the Newegg Return Policy and how it gives you more time than the standard 30 days to return an item for a refund or an exchange.

What is Newegg return policy?

Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to return an item to Newegg under their usual return policy. Within 45 days of purchase, users can return an item for a full refund or ask for a different one within one year, according to Newegg’s return policy. To find out which of Newegg’s two return policies applies to a particular item, customers can visit the website. Only the mail can be used for product returns. Make sure to include the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number in the email when returning goods.

Additional Information:

Information  Details
Return time  30 days
Return medium  Online 
Exchange period Online 
Refund mode Original mode of payment 
Contact  1-800-390-1119


What is Newegg Return Policy Holiday?

During the holiday season, stores change their return policies to entice more customers. Similarly, Newegg’s return policy is now in effect. Items that are eligible for the extended return policy can be returned over the holiday season according to Newegg’s holiday return policy. You have until January 31st of the subsequent year to return the items for a refund or exchange.

What is Newegg return policy method?

The return policy at Newegg is extensive and varied, depending on the product. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required per Newegg’s return policy. There is no way to extend the validity of the given number; it expires after 15 days. Your returned merchandise must be received by the company within the given time limit.

Newegg Online Return:

  • Click the “Return an Item” link at the bottom of the page or the customer care drop-down menu on Newegg’s website to initiate a return.
  • Guests can either utilize the “Find Your Order” or “Returning User” sections to input their order details or log into their accounts.
  • Find the “Refund” or “Replace” button next to your item on the right side of the page to initiate a return or refund.
  • After you’ve chosen your shipping option, you can prepare your box for return and print a label (if provided or purchased) by following the steps on the final screen.
  • After three to five business days of receiving your order, it will be processed.

What is Newegg Return Policy Condition?

  • Retain the product in its original, unopened state.
  • A good reason is required for any returns.
  • You cannot return an item if it is missing or damaged in transit.
  • If you take off the packing and can’t find the UPC, serial number, manufacturer’s model, or warranty label, you can’t return it.
  • Please ensure that the device is returned with all of its original components, including the retail box and user manual.

What is Newegg Refund Policy?

Within 30 days of the original delivery date, you can return an item to Newegg for a refund. The product determines the refund procedure. For some products, a partial refund can be possible after paying the restocking fee. The original mode of payment will be utilized to process the refund.

Refunds for gifts bought as gifts will also be granted store credit. A Newegg gift card will be issued as a refund for items purchased using Bitcoin. Within three to five days, you will receive your reimbursement. The initial payment method determines the refund procedure. Get in touch with customer care if you require any more help.

What is Newegg Exchange Policy?

You can’t ask for different products to be exchanged under Newegg’s return policy. A different product cannot be obtained as a replacement. Whenever consumer orders a replacement for an authentic product from Newegg, they will receive a free shipping label. Only covered items can be returned to Newegg for a replacement under their Replacement Only Return Policy. If the product is temporarily out of stock, it cannot be swapped. A 30-day exchange period is available. Only on the internet is the exchange method accessible. Please contact customer service if you require any additional information.

What is Newegg Return Policy exception?

Make sure all large appliance products have been checked for damage or flaws before accepting delivery; if any are detected, deny delivery. Notify the company within 48 hours of delivery if there is any shipping damage; otherwise, they will not accept the return for a full refund.

  • There is a no-return policy for consumables such as paper goods, software, CDs/DVDs, retail packaged software, digital downloads, and printer ink/toner cartridges.
  • You cannot return Newegg Gifts, Prepaid Cards, Gift Wrap, or Memberships.
  • Special Order Products are non-refundable.
  • You can’t get your money back for the rebate product.
  • Because of the external markings, the goods and box cannot be returned.

What is Newegg Order Cancellation Policy?

Within a certain timeframe, buyers have the option to cancel their orders at Newegg. You can cancel an order by going to your account, finding the order, and then clicking the cancel button. Unfortunately, to avoid processing, you need to cancel the order before packaging the items. Cancellation of orders is not possible for custom-builds or individual sellers.

When purchasing things from the Marketplace, customers have the option to either arrange a return with Newegg or adhere to the seller’s return policy. Before you return the product, make sure it hasn’t been opened. We won’t give you your money back if the package shows signs of being opened or missing contents. You might be able to change your order instead of canceling it if you want an item but pick the wrong trait. 

Newegg Faulty Returns Policy:

If an item you received is broken or defective, or if you simply want to return it, you can reach out to Newegg’s customer support. Send photos showing the damaged or defective items along with the following details: the original purchase number, shipping address, P.O. number, and a description of the product’s fit. An agent from customer support will get back to you as quickly as possible.


The Newegg return policy reflects the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and fair business practices. With a transparent and user-friendly approach, Newegg provides clear guidelines for returns, exchanges, and refunds, aiming to streamline the process for its customers. By offering a reasonable return window, detailed instructions, and a customer-centric mindset, Newegg endeavors to create a positive shopping experience. Customers need to familiarize themselves with the specific terms and conditions outlined in the return policy to ensure a smooth and hassle-free return process. Overall, Newegg’s return policy underscores its dedication to building trust and maintaining a high level of customer service in the competitive online retail landscape.


What is Newegg’s return policy?

Newegg’s return policy allows customers to return most products within 30 days of purchase. However, specific rules may apply to different product categories, so it’s essential to review the policy for detailed information.

How do I initiate a return on Newegg?

To start a return on Newegg, log in to your account, go to the “Order History” section, find the order containing the item you want to return and follow the instructions provided. You may need to fill out a return request form and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

Are there any products excluded from Newegg’s return policy?

Yes, some products may be non-returnable or subject to specific conditions. These typically include items like software, gift cards, downloadable products, and items marked as “non-returnable” on the product page. For details on return policies, please refer to the product listing.

What is the Newegg replacement policy for defective items?

If you receive a defective product, Newegg offers a replacement policy within 30 days of purchase. Contact their customer service, explain the issue, and they will guide you through the process of obtaining a replacement or refund.

How long does it take to process a refund on Newegg returns?

Once Newegg receives the returned item and the return is approved, it may take several business days to process the refund. The exact time frame can vary, but customers can typically expect to see the refund reflected in their account within 3-5 business days after approval.


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