Webstaurant Return Policy: Easy Returns for Happy Customers

Can you return to Webstaurant?

Policy on Returns As long as the item is unused, in its original packing, and returned within 30 days of receiving, WebstaurantStore will gladly accept returns on all regularly stocked items (excluding consumables). Customer Solutions will contact you for further instructions if your return involves any of the following factors.

Does Webstaurant have free shipping?

As part of their WebstaurantPlus service, customers may enjoy unlimited free shipping on more than 165,000 items through WebstaurantStore for only $99 each month. Once your order reaches $29 in eligible items, you’ll be eligible for discounts on a variety of products, including disposable cups, receipt paper, glasses, napkins, and more.

Is WebstaurantStore a reputable company?

With only 2.46 ratings out of 712 reviews, it’s clear that the majority of WebstaurantStore consumers aren’t happy with their purchases. Customer service, return shipping, and credit card issues are the most common complaints of WebstaurantStore.

How do I cancel my Webstaurant order?

Ending a Purchase Kindly inform us without delay if you would want to cancel your order. Please note that your return credit may be reduced by a cancellation and/or restocking fee to compensate for the expenses associated with canceling or restocking the items. This charge could reach half of the total price of the item(s).

Where do you enter the promo code on Webstaurant?

Simply visit WebstaurantStore.com, select the item(s) you wish to purchase, and then proceed to checkout. Click on “View Cart”. Look for the word “Coupon Code” over on the right.  Enter your code and click Add.

Is Webstaurant a good company to work for?

Is working with WebstaurantStore a positive experience? After 301 anonymous reviews were submitted by workers, WebstaurantStore was rated 4.0 out of 5. Eighty-one percent of workers are optimistic about the future of WebstaurantStore, and 76 percent would suggest the company to a friend.

Does Webstaurant ship to residential?

You can have most of our products sent to your home via parcel carrier. Shipments to residential addresses are subject to higher shipping rates compared to commercial addresses. Ship to a business address if at all feasible; doing so will save shipping costs.

What does “webstaurantstore” mean?

To safeguard and defend The WebstaurantStore, Inc.’s rights or property. Identify and address any issues that may arise from potential misconduct regarding the Service. To prevent harm to the general public or Service users.

How much does WebstaurantPlus cost?

It is possible to have numerous shipping addresses; but, to qualify for free shipping, each shipping address must have its own WebstaurantPlus subscription and monthly charge. A monthly fee of $99 will be added to your initial subscription. Every additional address will incur a monthly fee of $49 each.

Does WebstaurantStore cover installation fees?

We will cover any additional fees that occur on the day of the installation if the on-site survey before installation is selected for the Installation Service and the installation is unsuccessful. If the problems that led to the installation failing were not discovered during the on-site inspection, WebstaurantStore will pay for these costs. You shall be held financially liable if any problems discovered during the on-site survey leading up to the installation cause additional expenses. This service might not be necessary for every item, but it might be necessary if the unit needs to be moved up or down stairs, according to our service provider. If any problems emerge with your order after you’ve placed it, we’ll make sure to let you know via email.


The Webstaurant Store’s return policy is a crucial aspect of its commitment to customer satisfaction. By offering a transparent and customer-friendly return process, they demonstrate their dedication to ensuring that customers are content with their purchases. The policy not only provides clear guidelines for returns but also reflects the company’s confidence in the quality of its products. Overall, the Webstaurant Store’s return policy serves as a testament to its emphasis on building trust and fostering positive relationships with its customers.


What is Webstaurant’s return policy?

Webstaurant’s return policy typically outlines the conditions under which customers can return products. It should cover aspects like time frames, eligible items for return, and any specific requirements for returning products.

How long do I have to return items to Webstaurant?

The return period is an essential aspect of the policy. Customers need to know the specific timeframe within which they can return products. This information helps them avoid any issues related to late returns.

What items are eligible for return according to Webstaurant’s policy?

The eligibility criteria for returns might vary based on the type of product. Customers need clarity on which items can be returned and under what conditions. This may include information on whether the product should be unused, in its original packaging, or if there are any restrictions on specific product categories.

Are there any restocking fees associated with Webstaurant returns?

Some companies impose restocking fees on returned items. Knowing whether Webstaurant applies such fees, and if so, the amount or percentage is crucial for customers considering returns. This information helps customers make informed decisions regarding the potential costs involved.

What is the process for initiating a return with Webstaurant?

A clear understanding of the return process is vital for customers. This includes information on how to initiate a return, and whether there’s a need for a return authorizationFind the text “Coupon Code” on the right side of the screen. and any specific steps or forms that need to be completed. Providing a straightforward guide helps customers navigate the return process efficiently.


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