Reiss Return Policy: A Guide to Effortless Elegance

It’s never fun to return an item, but if it’s just not for you, it’s not worth keeping. The Reiss Return Policy is explained in detail below.

Reiss welcomes in-store returns if the item is unused and has a receipt. When you arrive at the shop and request a return, the Reiss staff will handle the rest of the procedure.

There are a few things you should remember regarding the Reiss return policy so you know what you have when you want to return something. The remainder of this post will take you step by step through the Reiss return policy.

What Is Reiss Return Policy?

Reiss’ return policy is straightforward. If you purchased the item in-store, you must return it to a Reiss store. Simply bring your unused item to the Returns counter and request that it be returned. The Reiss team will handle the rest as long as you have a purchase receipt.

You have 28 days after the date of purchase to return any unwanted things purchased online. You can return online purchases to your local Reiss shop.

Return Deadline 28 business days
Return Methods By mail or in-store
Exchange Period No exchange policy
Exchange Method None
Refund Period 7 business days
Refund Method Original payment method or store credit

How to Return a Reiss Product

If you have a Reiss account, you can organize a pickup in addition to returning your products by visiting the nearest Reiss store.

Sign in to your account, then select Returns and Arrange a Return. Choose a store to which you will return the item, and a courier will collect it for you shortly.

Reiss Exchange Policy

Reiss does not appear to offer exchanges and has no details regarding a standardized exchange policy, according to the information provided in their return policy guidelines. Of course, if you return your merchandise to a Reiss store, you may always use the refund money to buy something else.

Reiss Refund Policy

Reiss accepts returns on items that are in their original condition, unworn, and with all tags attached. If you meet these conditions and have a receipt, Reiss will gladly repay you as soon as possible.

Does Reiss Accept Returns after 30 Days?

Reiss does not accept returns after 30 days, which is very common in terms of return policy. When you buy something from Reiss, you have 28 days to decide if you don’t like it (assuming you haven’t worn it yet) and return it to the nearest Reiss store personally or by courier.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Reiss?

There are a few things that cannot be returned after purchase, usually for sanitary concerns, and they are as follows:

  • Earrings
  • Facemasks
  • Swimwear
  • Fragrance
  • Grooming products
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Shoes

It’s vital to note that you can still return shoes, swimsuits, and grooming goods if the hygiene seal hasn’t been removed or the container hasn’t been opened.

Does Reiss Have Free Returns?

If you return the item to the store yourself, Reiss offers free returns. According to their return policy, there is no fee for utilizing an EVRI Courier or parcel shop. Simply ensure that you process the refund using the official Reiss website’s Returns page.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charge?

If you return your purchase to a Reiss store, you won’t have to deal with the difficulty of obtaining a returns label. Reiss refunds obtained by pickup or parcel shop are processed by EVRI, who may charge you for the service.


The Reiss return policy plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering a positive shopping experience. By offering a transparent and customer-friendly return policy, Reiss demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that shoppers feel confident and supported in their purchase decisions. The flexibility and clarity provided by the return policy contribute to a sense of trust between the brand and its customers. As a result, customers are more likely to engage with Reiss, knowing that their concerns are acknowledged and addressed. The return policy serves as a testament to Reiss’ dedication to delivering not only stylish and high-quality products but also an exceptional level of customer service, solidifying its reputation as a brand that values its customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.


What is Reiss’ return policy?

Reiss offers a flexible return policy, allowing customers to return items within a specified period. Details regarding the timeframe and conditions for returns can be found on the official Reiss website.

How long do I have to return an item to Reiss?

Typically, Reiss provides a specific timeframe for returns, which can vary based on the type of product or promotion. Customers are encouraged to check the official return policy on the Reiss website or contact customer service for specific information on return deadlines.

What items are eligible for return at Reiss?

Reiss generally accepts returns for items that meet certain criteria. This may include items in their original condition with tags attached. To ensure eligibility, customers should refer to the detailed product return guidelines outlined in Reiss’ official return policy.

What is the process for initiating a return with Reiss?

The return process with Reiss typically involves specific steps. Customers can find detailed instructions on how to initiate a return on the Reiss website. This may include filling out a return form, obtaining a return authorization, and shipping the item back to the designated address.

Can I return online purchases to a Reiss physical store?

Reiss often provides options for returning online purchases to their physical stores, but the availability of this option may vary. Customers should check the return policy for information on whether in-store returns are accepted and any specific conditions that may apply.


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