Petsmart Return Policy: Navigating Petsmart’s Return Policy

When it comes to purchasing anything for our beloved dogs, PetSmart is a well-known and trustworthy name! However, in addition to offering a wide range of products and services for your dogs, they also aim to provide 100% satisfaction for the things that you purchase. They accomplish this through the PetSmart Return Policy. its policy is designed to make the process of returning any product as simple as possible for its consumers.

Our page will walk you through the entire process of returning an online or in-store item. You will understand which things are not returnable and what to do if you no longer have the receipt. Let’s begin with the typical PetSmart return policy.

What is PetSmart Return Policy?

Customers can return most products to PetSmart within 60 days, which is incredibly handy. The client must guarantee that the goods is in saleable condition and that the original packaging is still intact. You’ll also need to make a purchase to make your return simple and quick, either in-store or by mail.

Are PetSmart’s online returns free?

PetSmart will mail you a return shipping label so that you can return the item to their warehouse. You can mail the products at your own expense using FedEx or another reputable delivery service. Customers are responsible for all return shipping fees.

Is the original packaging required?

Yes. Unless the item was damaged in the first place, you must return it in its original product packing. If the original packaging is missing, PetSmart may refuse returns or exchanges.

How Can I Return PetSmart Products?

The simplest approach to return your merchandise is to go to your nearest PetSmart shop. You can return your internet purchases to their store or send them back. Any purchases made in the PetSmart shop, on the other hand, can only be returned there. Let’s look at both alternatives.

Return to a store

You can return your goods to a PetSmart store whether you bought it in-store, online at, via the PetSmart mobile app, or through the DoorDash app. If you bought something from a retailer, simply return it to the business in its original packing. The PetSmart return policy requires that the product be undamaged and in resalable condition.

If you are returning an online purchase, bring the goods in its original packaging as well as the packing slip or order confirmation email that you received during delivery. These are needed as proof of purchase. When you arrive at the store, approach any salesperson who will be able to assist you in initiating your return.

Return by Mail

If you are unable to visit the shop, simply follow the simple steps to mail the returned item back to PetSmart.

  • Securely wrap the product and any additional accessories (if any) in the packing slip that came with your order.
  • Choose a reason for the return on the packing slip that came with your merchandise, and retain a copy of the packing slip for yourself.
  • Call PetSmart’s Customer Service at 1-888-839-9638 to obtain a Return Authorization Number and shipping label. Include in the package the Return Authorization Number. Attach the shipping label to the top of the package as well.
  • Finally, transport your item to a FedEx pick-up site near you. Remember to write down the tracking number so you can track your package.

PetSmart Returns Without a Receipt

If the receipt is no longer available, PetSmart will accept returns/exchanges. This policy also applies to returns with a receipt to PetSmart after 60 days. You must bring a valid ID evidence to any PetSmart shop for this, and instead of a refund, you will be given a store merchandise card for the most current sale amount.

Petsmart Return Policy Food

Surprisingly, several customers have reported successfully returning open bag food to PetSmart. This is reasonable because you might or might not enjoy the dog food. You can return your dog food within 14 days after purchase as long as it is in its original packaging, according to the PetSmart Return Policy on dog food.

You might want to look into Petco’s food return policy as well.


understanding the PetSmart return policy is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. By familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions outlined by PetSmart, you can ensure that you are well-informed about the procedures and requirements for returning items. Whether you’re seeking a refund, exchange, or store credit, adhering to the specified guidelines will help streamline the return process. Remember to keep your receipts and be aware of any time limitations to make the most of PetSmart’s customer-friendly return policy. Overall, being informed and prepared will contribute to a positive and satisfactory resolution to any return-related concerns at PetSmart.


What is PetSmart’s return policy?
PetSmart’s return policy allows customers to return most products within 60 days of purchase. The items must be in new and unused condition, accompanied by the original receipt or packing slip. Certain restrictions may apply, and specific guidelines exist for returns involving live pets, grooming services, and prescription medications.

Can I return opened or used products to PetSmart?
Generally, PetSmart accepts returns of opened or used products within 60 days of purchase. However, certain items, such as live pets, grooming services, and prescription medications, may have different return requirements. It’s essential to check the specific guidelines for each product category before initiating a return.

How do I return an item to PetSmart?
To return an item to PetSmart, bring the product along with the original receipt or packing slip to any PetSmart store. If you made the purchase online, you can also initiate a return through the website. Follow the instructions provided online to complete the return process and receive further assistance if needed.

What items are not eligible for return at PetSmart?
While many items can be returned within the 60-day window, certain products may not be eligible for return. Live pets, grooming services, and prescription medications typically fall into this category. Additionally, personalized or customized items may have limited or no return options. It’s recommended to review the return policy for specific details on ineligible items.

Are there any exceptions to PetSmart’s return policy?
PetSmart may make exceptions to its return policy under certain circumstances. For example, if a product is defective or if there was an error in the order, the customer may be eligible for a return or exchange beyond the standard 60-day period. Customers with such issues are encouraged to contact PetSmart’s customer service for assistance and to discuss possible solutions.


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