Parachute Return Policy: Refund and Returns Policy

Customers may browse for high-quality home goods with the ease and confidence provided by Parachute’s return policy. Choosing the right bedding, home decor, and more is a big deal, and we get that. Customers who change their minds about a purchase or aren’t completely happy can take advantage of our return policy. With a focus on client satisfaction and an uncomplicated policy, we aim to provide a hassle-free experience. You may buy Parachute products with complete peace of mind knowing that we’ve made every effort to make the return process easy and convenient for you. Within 30 days of purchase, customers are welcome to return any unused product, no questions asked, according to our return policy. To guarantee repeat business, we care deeply that every one of our customers is completely satisfied with their purchase.


You have sixty days from the date of purchase to return most things if you are unhappy with them. Here are three easy ways to

Parachute Home Returns

Returns to Parachute Homes. You agree that Parachute will transmit your order details to Happy Returns when you initiate a return.

Mail through Returns:

  • Ten to fourteen business days are given to the consumer to initiate the return process. We will inform you once the sale starts. You couldn’t apply discounts to the first type of installment for three to five business days.
  • Please note that Parachute reserves the right to refuse any Return sent more than 60 days following the receipt of the conveyance receipt.

The majority of companies have started accepting mail-in returns as of late. Would mailing it be an option for you? We will review the procedures.

  • Start by going to Parachute’s official website. Establishing an account is mandatory.
  • “Start Return” will be visible to you there. Hit the button.
  • Please provide your zip code along with your order ID.
  • To proceed with the return, you must first obtain a return label.
  • After you receive the return label, pack the item(s) and be sure to include any relevant paperwork, invoices, tags, and labels in the box.
  • Get in touch with a delivery partner to have the item sent to that address.

Within 60 days, you are not allowed to return the mattress. But there is a limited-time deal on mattresses. There is a 100-day free trial available from Parachute. If that’s the case, you can’t return the mattress through the website; instead, you need to contact help@parachutehome to schedule a free pickup.

The Parachute Return Policy permits the return of oversized items. Within sixty days after the order date, you are required to return the large item. Nevertheless, a 15% restocking fee is necessary.

Parachute accepts returns via mail, in-store, and Happy Returns.

  • You need to register to process mail-in returns. The next step is to request a return label. Include the return label, invoice, and any other relevant paperwork when sending the item back, but make sure to keep it in its original packing.
  • If you wish to bring the item back to their store, you need to visit the nearest location first. Bring all of the paperwork and invoices to the store. Always have your documents on hand.
  • You can get your money back right away according to Happy Return. You can easily locate the closest store by using their website. They already have almost two hundred stores in your area. Everything about the return process is the same as when you return it to a physical store.

There are three distinct return methods, which means that the timeliness of refunds can vary.

  • Refunds for online returns usually take between 10–15 business days to process.
  • One to three business days is the typical processing time for an in-store return to be completed.
  • The processing time for a Happy Return refund is usually between three and five business days.

To be eligible for an exchange, you need to return the item in its original packing and fresh condition. There is a 100% exchange guarantee if they think the item qualifies.

You can return or exchange the identical merchandise. Feel free to choose another shade. Unfortunately, we are never able to buy another thing with it.

An email containing the gift amount and information on how to use the digital gift card is sent to the buyer after the transaction.

You can expect the gift card to arrive at the address you provided during checkout by USPS. Either have it sent to you so you can hand it off, or have it sent straight to the recipient by entering their shipping details when you check out.

Is it possible to return an item purchased online from Parachute to their physical store?

The answer is no, you are under no obligation to send back anything you buy online.


The importance of a well-defined and customer-friendly parachute return policy cannot be overstated. A carefully crafted return policy not only serves as a safety net for customers who may encounter issues with their purchases but also contributes significantly to building trust and loyalty. By providing clarity, transparency, and ease of process in the event of product returns, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and establish a positive reputation. Ultimately, a parachute return policy not only addresses potential concerns but also becomes a key element in fostering a strong and lasting relationship between businesses and their customers.


What is the Parachute return policy?

Our return policy allows customers to return eligible items within a specified period after purchase. Please review our detailed policy for information on eligible products, timeframes, and any specific conditions.

How long do I have to return an item under the Parachute return policy?

The return window varies depending on the type of product purchased. Generally, customers have [X] days from the date of purchase to initiate a return. Please refer to our return policy for specific details related to your order.

What items are eligible for return under the Parachute return policy?

Not all items may be eligible for return. Our policy outlines the criteria for eligible products. Typically, unused and undamaged items in their original packaging can be returned. However, certain products may have specific conditions, so it’s important to review the policy for clarity.

How do I initiate a return under the Parachute return policy?

To initiate a return, please follow the instructions outlined in our return policy. This often involves contacting our customer service team or initiating the return process through your online account. Be sure to provide the necessary information, such as your order number and reason for the return.

Are there any exceptions or exclusions to the Parachute return policy?

While we strive to accommodate our customers, there may be exceptions or exclusions outlined in our return policy. This could include final sale items, customized products, or specific conditions for certain product categories. We recommend reviewing our policy thoroughly to understand any exceptions that may apply to your purchase.


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