Lowes Paint Return Policy: The Fine Print of Lowe’s Paint Return Guidelines

A painting endeavor can be time-consuming because you must first select a paint color, find the perfect shade, and then paint.

Despite your best efforts to estimate how much paint you require, you will almost always wind up with more than is required for your project. You may also notice that the color you choose does not complement the remainder of the room’s design.

When this happens, you may wonder if you may return the paint to the store. If you’ve ever shopped at Lowe’s, you might be wondering if they allow paint returns.

Can You Return Paint At Lowe’s?

Yes, the paint can be returned to Lowe’s. There are a few exceptions. Lowe’s reserves the right to refuse a return if they suspect it is fraudulent.

For example, if a corporation or individual returns paint to Lowe’s regularly owing to some “complaint,” Lowe’s may get suspicious. They may feel that the company or individual is attempting to obtain free paint.

As a result, Lowe’s has the right to cancel or reject a return if they suspect it was made for fraudulent motives. Otherwise, you can return the paint to Lowe’s whether it has been opened or not. You must follow Lowe’s standards and criteria to request an exchange or refund on your paint. Here are some of the guidelines you must follow to receive a refund or exchange for your paint return.

1. Keep Paint In The Original Container

Above all, you must bring the paint to Lowe’s in its original container. If the paint is in another container, Lowe’s may refuse your return.

Testing your paint before shifting it to a separate container is an excellent approach to ensure you get your full return. Then, if the paint isn’t what you need or is damaged, simply return it to Lowe’s in its original can or container.

2. Bring Your Receipt

Second, you will require a receipt. While Lowe’s may accept the paint without a receipt, it is usually much better to have one on hand.

If you don’t have a receipt, the good news is that Lowe’s has a way for you to prove your purchase. They can generate a receipt by using your payment card and, in some cases, your phone number.

If you have a MyLowe’s card, they can check the information through that account as well if you used it to buy the paint. You must bring your ID regardless of whether they can prove the purchase. A proper ID establishes your identification.

If the worst happens and they cannot locate proof of purchase, they may refuse your return. Lowe’s may also choose to provide you with in-store credit instead of exchanging or refunding the paint. As a result, if you want your money back, you should keep the receipt.

3. 30-Day Return Window

Another factor to consider when returning paint to Lowe’s is that it must be done within a particular time frame. Lowe’s allows you to return your paint within 30 days after purchase.

If you have your paint delivered to your home, the 30-day countdown starts the day the paint arrives. 30 days is plenty of time to test the paint and verify it meets your requirements.

If you try to return the paint after 30 days, Lowe’s may refuse to provide you with a refund or exchange the paint.


Understanding Lowe’s paint return policy is crucial for customers seeking assurance and satisfaction with their purchases. By familiarizing yourself with the specific guidelines and conditions outlined by Lowe’s, you can make informed decisions when it comes to returning paint products. Whether it’s due to an incorrect color match or an unforeseen issue, knowing the return process will ensure a smoother and more efficient resolution. As with any return policy, it’s advisable to communicate with Lowe’s customer service if you have any questions or concerns. Ultimately, being aware of Lowe’s paint return policy empowers customers to navigate their paint-buying experience with confidence and peace of mind.


Can I return the opened paint cans to Lowe’s?

Lowe’s generally does not accept returns of opened paint cans unless there is a defect in the product. It’s advisable to check the specific return policy details for your purchase.

What is the time frame for returning paint to Lowe’s?

The return window for paint at Lowe’s may vary. Typically, customers are advised to return the product within 30 days of purchase, but it’s recommended to review the specific terms and conditions related to paint returns.

Are there any restrictions on returning custom-colored paints?

Custom-colored paints may have different return policies compared to pre-mixed colors. It’s important to check with the store or refer to Lowe’s paint return policy to understand any restrictions or conditions regarding returns of custom-colored paints.

What documentation do I need for a paint return at Lowe’s?

Generally, you will need the original receipt or proof of purchase for a paint return at Lowe’s. Make sure to keep these documents handy when initiating a return.

Can I return paint purchased online to a Lowe’s store?

Lowe’s usually accepts returns of online purchases at their physical stores. However, it’s recommended to review the specific guidelines for online returns, as there may be some differences in the process compared to returning items purchased in-store.


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