Skechers Return Policy: The Skechers Return Roadmap

No firm likes an unhappy consumer, and Skechers is equally committed to providing its customers with what they require. This takes us to the subject of Skechers’ return policy. A policy that allows customers to return merchandise under various conditions. You will also understand how to process your return and what to anticipate next. If you intend to return, we recommend keeping a few things in mind; let us get started.

What is Skechers Return Policy?

Skechers allows customers to return or exchange items within 45 days of purchase. Customers may be eligible if the item they are returning is not used or damaged. You should also have your purchase receipt with you. It will also help the return procedure if you keep the goods in their original packing.

Return Period 45 Days
Return Method In-store & Online
Contact Number 1 (800) 746-3411
Official Website Skechers

Is Skechers Return Policy Free?

Skechers does provide free returns, but only to their members. They will waive shipping rates for Skechers members on any return. If a non-member wants to return an item, they must pay the shipping costs.

How Can I Get My Skechers Back?

You have two options for making your return: you can either initiate a return online or visit the store. Before continuing with the process, it would be prudent to review the above-mentioned return terms. Don’t be confused, Skechers’ online store is also known as Skechers Direct. We shall now examine both methods in light of Skechers’ return policy.

Skechers Online Return Policy

The most important thing to remember is that Skechers Direct purchases cannot be returned to a Skechers retail location. So, if you bought something from Skechers Direct and want to return it, here’s what you can do.

  • Enter your Skechers account information.
  • Locate the order and click “view order” or use the Skechers order locator to find your order.
  • Once the order details are shown, click the “return item” button. (This will produce a return form.)
  • Give your reason for returning.
  • Pack the item in its original packaging or a basic box.
  • Attach the return label outside the box and include the return form with the merchandise.
  • Drop the box off at the local UPS store.

Also, if you are using your box to pack the items, remove any label or sticker connected to it except the Skechers return shipping label.

Skechers Return Policy In-store

This is most likely the simplest way to return. If you bought your Skechers product from a Skechers retail store or online store, you can return it to any Skechers retail location in the country. The terms and restrictions remain the same: you must return your product within 45 days after purchase and it must be in its original condition. You may be eligible for an exchange or refund after the store inspects your merchandise. More information on these two can be found further down in the article.

Return Policy for Skechers Without a Receipt

Skechers does allow returns without a receipt to make their return policy more flexible. There is one exception to this guideline. You will be unable to return a product purchased from a Skechers store. You can only return online purchases without visiting a shop. The store associate can locate your order by using the order information from your email address. You won’t need the receipt this way.

Skechers Exchange Policy

Only after a successful return can you exchange your product. It would be much easier if you went to the store for an exchange because you could select your thing there and then. In most cases, you can only swap your product for a similar one when exchanging it. Skechers specialists will assist you with the exchange process in any scenario. Skechers’ return policy further notes that they cannot guarantee that they will have the same items in stock during your online exchange.


Understanding the Skechers return policy is crucial for customers seeking a hassle-free shopping experience. Skechers, like any reputable company, aims to provide customer satisfaction by offering clear and fair guidelines for returns. By familiarizing yourself with their return policy, you empower yourself as a consumer to make informed decisions and navigate the process seamlessly if the need arises. Whether it’s for sizing issues, defects, or simply a change of preference, Skechers’ return policy underscores their commitment to customer service and ensures that your shopping experience remains positive and stress-free. Always check the latest details on their official website or contact customer support for the most up-to-date information on returns.


What is Skechers’ return policy?

Skechers typically allow returns within a specified time frame from the date of purchase. To get detailed information, visit the official Skechers website or contact their customer service.

How long do I have to return a product to Skechers?

The return period may vary based on the type of product and the place of purchase. Check Skechers’ official return policy for specific details on the time frame allowed for returns.

Can I return Skechers products bought from a third-party retailer?

Skechers’ return policy for products purchased from third-party retailers may differ. It’s advisable to review the terms and conditions of the retailer from which you made the purchase or contact Skechers for guidance.

What is the process for returning online purchases to Skechers?

Skechers typically provides return instructions on its official website. This may involve initiating the return online, obtaining a return authorization, and sending the product back following their guidelines. Always check the specific steps outlined by Skechers for returning online purchases.

Are there any conditions for product returns to Skechers?

Skechers may have specific conditions for returns, such as the product being in its original packaging and unused condition. Refer to Skechers’ return policy for details on any conditions or restrictions that apply to the return of their products.


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