Volt Lighting Return Policy: Lighting Comfort

How can I get in touch with volt® Certified lighting professionals?

Find Out More For assistance with ordering and queries regarding landscape lighting projects, VOLT® Certified Lighting Experts are available seven days a week. Dial (813) 978-3700 or send us an online message.

What is the duration of Volt®’s shipping process?

85% of U.S. locations using our free UPS ground service receive their items in two days (and 55% in just one day!) thanks to our four regional distribution centres. Find Out More For assistance with ordering and queries regarding landscape lighting projects, VOLT® Certified Lighting Experts are available seven days a week.

What makes Volt® lighting so special?

With VOLT ® Lighting, why? All of our indoor and outdoor lighting solutions are designed, manufactured, and distributed by VOLT®, which explains why our prices are so incredibly low. There are discounts for veterans.

Does volt® offer military discounts?

There are discounts for veterans. Utilising the newest LED and control technology, VOLT®’s in-house engineers and lighting specialists create the best LED lights for commercial offices, industrial spaces, and residential landscapes.

From where is Voltlight shipped?

The corporation currently stores and ships goods from the North, South, East, and West thanks to the development of a new facility in Dallas. Eighty percent of our U.S. customers get their products within 48 hours when they use regular ground delivery, and fifty percent get their orders within 24 hours.

Where are the goods created for Volt Lighting?

Florida’s TampaThe VOLT® Lighting Story VOLT® Lighting, with its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, produces and supplies high-end indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and systems. VOLT® Lighting offers a range of robust and high-performing LED fixtures and bulbs that come with an unrestricted lifetime warranty.

How many lumens is required for a path light?

100–200 lux.Use less lumens for cosmetic purposes; path lights should have between 100 and 200 lumens, whereas security lights might have between 300 and 700 lumens.

How is wire run beneath a pavement?

24:09:54How to Install Landscape Lighting Wire Under a Sidewalk / Jon’s DIY YouTubeStart of recommended clip; End of suggested clip; and fasten it with tape to the drill’s handle. To accomplish this, the bit overlaps the wire by around three times.and secure it with tape to the drill’s end. To do this, the bit and wire are overlapped by roughly three to four inches. Then, wrap in a spiral, beginning at the wire end. path from the bit to the wire.


VOLT’s return policy applies to all sales made through VOLT GROOMING (VOLT). VOLT has complete faith in our merchandise. If you’re not content with your purchase, please get in touch with customer service to get an authorization number. You can then return the item for a refund, exchange, or credit within 14 days of receiving it.

Getting an authorization number for a return

Please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-991-4322 for information about returning a product. A Return Authorization Number (RA#) is required for every return. If an item does not have a Return Authorization Number, VOLT is unable to track the return and cannot guarantee a refund.


Items that are not refundable include final sales, classes or workshops, customs or levies, and shipping and handling fees. Items designated as final sale are not returnable or exchangeable. Final sale products are not subject to price modifications.

Sales Tax

9.5% sales tax will be applied to orders being shipped to a California address.

What is the duration required to restore a voltheat?

Within 30 days of purchase, you can return items from voltheat.com along with the packing slip if they don’t live up to your expectations. Products that are returned must be brand-new, never used, and come with all of their original accessories and packing, including user manuals and instructions.

How can I activate the Volt Heat battery?

You must first plug the battery into your Volt Heat device in order to turn it “ON.” Your battery will turn “ON” after two seconds of pressing and holding the power button after plugging it into the device.

Is it possible to utilise a different battery with a Volt Heat charger?

Nope. Regardless matter how similar the connectors may appear to fit or function together, never use a Volt Heat product with any other battery or charger that was not made by us. If you don’t do this, your product may get damaged and its guarantee may be voided.











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