Prolon Return Policy: Understanding ProLon’s Policy

Can I give my Prolon back?

Materials returned to Prolon without prior authorization will not be accepted. Prolon retains the right, at your sole expense, to return any Product(s) received without authorization. Within thirty days of the RMA issuing date, the approved RMA must be received.

How can I terminate my subscription to Prolon?

In order to terminate a subscription arrangement (including any recurring orders), you must give L-NUTRA notice at least one day in advance of the renewal or charge date, by 11:59 PM CST. If you don’t, your order will be dispatched and your payment will be processed.

Following a Prolon fast, what should I eat?

Liquid foods like soups and fruit juices should be consumed first, then light meals like rice and pasta with little servings of meat, fish, and/or legumes. A normal diet can be resumed on day 7, or 24 hours after the end of the ProLonĀ® diet.

Is ProLon a tasty product?

ProLon’s meal kit offers a variety of textures in addition to delicious food, thanks to the inclusion of L-Bars, soups, olives, and crackers.

Is ProLon challenging?

This has taught me that, even though there were challenging times and days, things weren’t as horrible as I had anticipated generally. If anything, I would say it was plain dull. I snack because it’s just fun, and I eat to appreciate the flavors. You should expect to be a little lethargic and mentally down throughout the first day or two.

Which day on ProLon has been the hardest?

Around 2:30 is lunch, and around 6:30 or 7 is dinner. If at all possible, go to bed early and sleep in! You have more time to complete the day the longer you are awake. Wednesday: This was by far the hardest day, as you have very little food.

Does ProLon cause you to swell up?

If you typically consume a high fiber diet, or a diet high in carbohydrates (which tend to draw water into the gut), you may become a bit constipated while using ProLon, and this can lead to bloating. Individual Results May Vary.

Is La Croix drinkable when using ProLon?

It is acceptable to drink sparkling water without any natural or artificial sweeteners during ProLon.

Can ProLon be stopped early?

Why is ProLon feasible? You can get many of the benefits of a long fast with this diet without having to give up food, starve yourself, or end it too soon.

With ProLon, do you lose weight?

The main selling point of ProLon is its promise to help reduce visceral fat in the abdomen, which can be difficult for some people to lose and may even cause health problems. According to clinical trials by Longo and colleagues, participants reduced their waist circumference by 1.6 inches and 5.7 pounds on average after using ProLon.

Can I use ProLon to chew gum?

Is gum permitted during ProLonĀ®? We advise against adding anything to the diet, although you are allowed to have up to two pieces of sugar-free gum every day.

What is the duration required to return a ProLon box?

The request was received after more than 15 calendar days, as confirmed by the courier service. You may return your “unopened” ProLon box for any reason within 15 calendar days after receipt (as confirmed by the courier service), unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Does L Nutra offer money back?

L-Nutra guarantees client satisfaction with all of its offerings, including product returns for any ProLon box that is unopened or broken. For further details on our return and refund procedures, please continue reading below.

Account protection: what is it?

Safeguarding Accounts. You bear the responsibility of keeping your password and account private. By using your account or password, you consent to being accountable for all actions taken. In the case that your account is used without authorization or there is another security breach, you promise to notify us right away.

Is there a guarantee for L Nutra?

Please be aware, nevertheless, that L-Nutra makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy, completeness, dependability, timeliness, or error-free nature of product descriptions or the compatibility of product packaging shown on the website with the actual product you receive when placing an order.






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