Victoria Secret Return Policy: Victoria’s Secret Return Policy Simplified

Victoria’s Secret has done an excellent job of preserving favorable brand recognition. This company’s brand awareness is currently at 85 percent. This figure indicates that most customers recognize the company’s logo and associate Victoria’s Secret with lingerie, bras, pants, and personal care items such as perfume, lotions, and soaps.

In addition to such high brand awareness, around 23% of respondents said they would purchase with Victoria’s Secret again in a survey. Furthermore, 85 percent of their clients are loyal to the company, purchasing all of their personal wear and undergarments from them.

What is Victoria’s Secret Return and Exchange Policy?

Victoria’s Secret has an extremely accommodating return and exchange policy. Any item(s) purchased that you do not like can be exchanged or returned within 30 days. All returned items must be unwashed, unworn, and in their original condition.

Returns of merchandise are repaid in the original manner of payment. Credit and debit card refund processing timeframes might range from three to five business days, depending on your bank’s rules.

Is it possible to return an item to Victoria’s Secret without a receipt?

If you no longer have the receipt, you can return the item to Victoria’s Secret. Your refund will be granted as a store credit and will be based on the item’s lowest selling price.

You must show a valid Photo ID to complete the return without a receipt. Victoria’s Secret tracks returns without a receipt and reserves the right to limit the number of such returns.

Does Victoria’s Secret offer free returns?

For online orders, Victoria’s Secret provides free returns. When you send a return to the company, you will be provided with a Free Return Label. Only orders shipping within the United States are eligible for free returns.

You must also return your undesired products to Victoria’s Secret within the 30-day return deadline to qualify for free returns.

What is the return policy of Victoria’s Secret after 30 days?

Victoria’s Secret has a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, if your transaction was more than 30 days ago, you may still be able to return your purchases. Any returns accepted after 30 days will, however, be for store credit for future purchases.

What is the return policy of Victoria’s Secret after 90 days?

Victoria’s Secret used to have a 90-day return policy to give you time to decide if you were happy with your purchase. However, they now only provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Returns after 30 days may be accepted, but only in the form of a store credit.

Is it possible to return perfume to Victoria’s Secret?

Any Victoria’s Secret goods that you don’t love can be returned for a full refund. Perfumes, body lotions, and other personal care goods fall into this category. These items, like all others returned to Victoria’s Secret, must not be opened, be in their original condition, and be returned within 30 days with a store receipt.

Is it possible to return a damaged item to Victoria’s Secret?

All returned items must be unwashed, unworn, and in their original condition. Damaged items cannot be returned unless they were damaged during shipping or you purchased a defective item.

How can I return a Victoria’s Secret gift?

Returning a gift with the gift receipt may entitle you to a cash refund. (Varies depending on area.) If you return a gift without the receipt, you will be given a shop credit based on the items’ lowest selling price.

Victoria’s Secret has one of the most lenient return policies; however, the circumstances under which the things must be returned are rigorous. We give Victoria’s Secret a score of 4.0 because of the condition of the returned items and the fact that no returns for refund are permitted after 30 days.


Understanding the Victoria’s Secret return policy is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. By familiarizing yourself with their guidelines, you can ensure that any potential returns or exchanges are handled efficiently and in accordance with the established procedures. Remember to keep track of important details such as time frames, original packaging, and proof of purchase to make the return process as seamless as possible. Overall, Victoria’s Secret strives to provide customer satisfaction, and adhering to their return policy guidelines enhances the overall shopping journey for both the company and its valued customers.


What is Victoria’s Secret return policy?

Victoria’s Secret generally allows returns within 90 days of the purchase date. However, specific details may vary based on the type of item and the original form of payment. For the most up-to-date information, visit the official website or contact customer care.

 Can I return lingerie and swimwear to Victoria’s Secret?

Yes, Victoria’s Secret usually accepts returns of lingerie and swimwear. However, for hygiene reasons, certain items may need to have their hygiene seal intact. Always check the specific return guidelines for these types of products on the official website or inquire with customer service.

What is the process for returning online purchases to Victoria’s Secret?

To return an online purchase, visit the Victoria’s Secret website and navigate to the “Returns and Exchanges” section. Follow the provided instructions, which typically involve generating a return label. Be sure to include all necessary documentation, and return the items within the specified timeframe to ensure a smooth process.

Can I return items purchased from a Victoria’s Secret store to the online store?

In most cases, items purchased in-store must be returned to the same store. Online and in-store return policies may differ, so it’s essential to understand the specific guidelines for each type of purchase. Check with the store or refer to the official policy for detailed information.

What is the return policy for Victoria’s Secret Pink merchandise?

Victoria’s Secret Pink items usually follow the same return policy as other products, but it’s crucial to review the specifics. Some limited-edition or special collaboration items may have different return guidelines. Refer to the official policy or contact customer service for accurate details regarding the return of Victoria’s Secret Pink merchandise.


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