Sweaty Betty Return Policy: Easy Returns for Happy Customers

Sweaty Betty is a prominent sportswear brand that creates gear that empowers and flatters women. They provide high-quality products such as workout leggings made of cotton with four-way stretch and moisture-wicking technology.

Their leggings are also meant to mold the wearer’s body and the fabric is not see-through, making them particularly popular among active ladies looking for comfortable, high-quality clothes. 

Despite the positive aspects of Sweaty Betty’s products, a consumer may need to return one or two items. Fortunately, Sweaty Betty offers an excellent return policy!

What is Sweaty Betty’s Return Policy?

Sweaty Betty features a straightforward return policy. Sweaty Betty accepts returns up to 45 days from the product’s delivery date.

Return Deadline 45 Days
Return Method Mail-In
Exchange Period 45 Days
Exchange Method Mail-In
Refund Period Within 5 Business Days
Refund Method Original Payment Method


Sweaty Betty will not tolerate everything. Returning products must meet specific criteria, including the condition in which they were received. All items returned by a client must be in great condition with no signs of wear.

Any items returned to Sweaty Betty that are discovered to be worn, damaged, or defective will not be refunded.

Another condition for returns is that proof of purchase be included with the package as well as the returns form. The returns form is required for the return to be processed once Sweaty Betty receives the item. Returns cannot be handled unless the return form is properly completed and shipped with the returned items.

Sweaty Betty provides free return postage on any orders returned within the United States, although the company advises you to keep proof of postage for your records.

Sweaty Betty will issue you a full refund within 5 business days of receiving your returned item and accepting it. It is vital to remember that the 5 business days begin when Sweaty Betty receives the returned item, not when the return package arrives.

Finally, Sweaty Betty goods are offered at independent shops, which set their own prices and return conditions. Sweaty Betty online purchases cannot be returned to a merchant that stocks their items. Sweaty Betty items purchased via an independent store cannot be mailed back to Sweaty Betty.

How To Return Sweaty Betty Items?

Unless the merchandise was purchased at an independent merchant with its return policy, all Sweaty Betty returns are handled online. Follow the steps outlined below to return Sweaty Betty.

  • Fill out the return form that was included with your initial order. This is quite crucial. The Sweaty Betty website allows you to print and fill out a new return form.
  • Navigate to the Sweaty Betty website’s “Online Returns Portal” and register your return.
  • Choose a USPS drop-off location.
  • Download the pre-paid shipping label or the mobile QR code (no printer required).
  • Pack the items, along with the return form and proof of purchase, in a sealed envelope.
  • Bring the box to a USPS drop-off location to finish the mailing process.

To ensure that the return is approved, ship it within 45 days after the item’s arrival.

Can You Return an Online Purchase in Store?

No, you cannot return an online purchase in-store because Sweaty Betty does not currently have any locations. Sweaty Betty products purchased from an independent retailer must be returned to that store by their return policy and cannot be returned to Sweaty Betty.

Products purchased from the Sweaty Betty website are also not returnable at independent merchants.

How Strict is the Sweaty Betty Return Policy?

Sweaty Betty’s return policy is not stringent. Customers have 45 days to decide whether they want to keep or return the things, which is plenty of time to make a decision.

Their return policy is completely reasonable, and they supply pre-paid shipping labels and simple return instructions that may be performed online by the buyer.

Sweaty Betty has a fairly standard return policy that does not prohibit or restrict its consumers in any way.

Sweaty Betty Exchange Policy

Sweaty Betty provides an exchange policy for products received as a gift, as long as the gift is accompanied by a gift receipt. Customers have 45 days to swap the gift for another item of equal or lesser value or a Sweaty Betty gift card.

Customers must contact Sweaty Betty’s customer service staff to finish the exchange process.

Sweaty Betty Refund Policy

Sweaty Betty will issue a full refund to clients who return things in perfect condition within 45 days of delivery. Within 5 business days, the refund will be issued to the original payment method.

Does Sweaty Betty Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, Sweaty Betty’s return policy specifies unequivocally that evidence of purchase must be included in the return; otherwise, the return will be denied and the consumer will not receive a refund.


Sweaty Betty’s return policy plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence in their products. By offering a transparent and customer-friendly return policy, Sweaty Betty demonstrates its commitment to providing a positive shopping experience. The ease with which customers can return or exchange products reflects the brand’s dedication to customer service and stands as a testament to its confidence in the quality of its athletic apparel. As with any company policy, customers should review Sweaty Betty’s specific return guidelines to fully understand the terms and conditions associated with the return process. Overall, Sweaty Betty’s return policy contributes to a positive and trustworthy relationship between the brand and its valued customers.


What is Sweaty Betty’s return policy?

Sweaty Betty offers a 30-day return policy for all full-priced items. Customers can return products within 30 days of receiving their order for a full refund or exchange. Sale items are also eligible for returns within this timeframe.

How do I initiate a return with Sweaty Betty?

To initiate a return, visit the Sweaty Betty website and log in to your account. Navigate to the “Order History” section, select the order containing the items you want to return and follow the provided instructions to complete the return process.

Are there any conditions for returns at Sweaty Betty?

Yes, items being returned must be in their original condition with tags attached. The return package should include the completed returns form. Sweaty Betty reserves the right to refuse returns that do not meet these conditions.

What is the process for exchanging items at Sweaty Betty?

Customers can exchange items by following the standard return process and indicating their preference for an exchange on the returns form. Once the returned item is received and processed, Sweaty Betty will dispatch the requested exchange item.

How long does it take to process a refund from Sweaty Betty?

Once Sweaty Betty receives the returned items, it typically takes 3-5 business days to process the refund. The actual time it takes for the refund to appear in your account may vary depending on your bank or credit card issuer. Once the reimbursement has been completed, customers will receive an email confirmation.


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