Lunya Return Policy: Decoding Lunya’s Return Guidelines

Are refunds on Lunya free of charge?

For orders placed in the United States exclusively, return postage is free. CLICK HERE for details regarding returns from abroad. What is the return policy of Lunya? The goods must be returned within 15 days of the request being made, and the return must be made within 30 days of the ship date.

Where are the clothes made by Lunya made?

Los Angeles is home to our mills and industrial plants. We can be hands-on and ensure that the Lunya quality and philosophies are weaved into every item because they are in our “backyard”!

Can Lunya be sustained?

Green initiatives at Lunya What motivates us at Lunya is spending precious time in incredibly durable, sustainably created products. Sleep and that. Years of designing, sourcing, and manufacture with only the best materials and compatible production partners go into each piece we make.

Is Lunya dry enough?

Every Lunya product we have is designed to be effortlessly lived with. All you have to do is toss them in the washer (cold, if you can) and let them air dry.

Who produces Lunya?

Ashley MoodyAshley Merrill got tired of dressing her husband in his old T-shirts at home, so she launched Lunya. About seven years ago, Ashley Merrill experienced an epiphany that led her to found her svelte, luxury sleepwear line.

By whom is Lunya?

Ashley Merrill, the CEO and founder of Lunya, set out to make her own pyjamas after finding it difficult to locate stylish, comfortable, and high-quality options.

What is the duration of Lunya’s return policy?

However, not every product is created with the same components, and not every encounter with a consumer is ideal. If in doubt, you can always return an item to Lunya for a complete refund within 30 days.

How do I give a Lunya back?

You can initiate a return using Lunya’s online Return Portal by filling out the email form at the bottom of the page. Included in your return must be the original packing slip (which you may print off) and the return label that the brand sends you throughout the return procedure.

What material makes up the Lunya eye mask?

The Lunya eye mask has a 100% polyester filling and a 100% silk exterior. To maintain, use a cold machine wash and then place it flat to dry.

What is the price of Lunya sleepwear?

At retail, this 100% washable silk sleepwear from Lunya costs $256.

Why do Lunya pyjamas exist?

Luxury pyjamas for ladies are painstakingly designed by the sleepwear company Lunya. Unmistakably feminine details such as pockets, non-slip straps and trousers that stay put are included in the design.

Describe a lunya robe.

Lunya’s Robe. The Robe by Lunya is more comfy, longer, and easier to clean than your go-to fall jacket. This Lunya review is a firm believer that what you wear influences your mood and, ultimately, how you feel about yourself. All of Lunya’s designs have an easy, airy vibe about them.

A raw hem robe: what is it?

Unlike other robes, this one has a raw hem finish that tapers at the waist to offer you a sleeker appearance. It’s simple to stow and grab in the morning with to the pockets, belt attachment, inside tie for further security, and hanging loop on the back.

Disgrace to Lunya

I was pleased enough with Lunya’s offerings to return and put a sizable order. Never once more. They are not answering my emails or voicemails, and there was a delivery problem. This can’t happen. There are a lot of fantastic businesses with top-notch customer service out there, but this one is awful.

Optimal sleepwear ever

I’ve placed multiple orders with Lunya, and the pyjamas are definitely worth the extra money. My silk pyjamas had some sewing problems, however they were quickly fixed when I was given a credit to buy new ones. I’ve gotten everything else I purchased exactly right.

After washing, clothes no longer appear the same.

Nov 2021: I placed an order for both the washable silk pyjama set and an underset. The pyjamas didn’t look anything like they did when they arrived or what they did online, even after washing them once in accordance with the care instructions. The colour changed from a lovely burgundy to a muddy tint. The pyjamas crinkled and took on the texture of dried paper.

Not Valuable as Money

As of December 12, my order, which was sent on December 1, was still in route. Their distribution hub in Chino, California, is five hours away from where I live. My cargo left California and is currently returning to North Carolina. Customer care did not reply to my two emails for five days. They put all the blame on Covid.


awful, terrible, awful company. I placed my order on January 8, 2021, and tried contacting them three weeks later when my shipment status was “in transit.” Not at all. No number for the company. I emailed them, and all I got back was the tracking number I had the day after I placed my order, which has been showing as in transit for the past three weeks.

What has taken place?

I’ve had luck with a number of my online purchases. I’m a client from Canada. So far, I’m not happy with my most recent buy. They made a shipping label ten days ago, but they still haven’t sent DHL the goods.

Place no orders with this company.

Purchase nothing from this firm. Bad customer support. Not a phone number appears. A store in California has closed down indefinitely. I have not received an answer regarding the arrival date of my things, although having previously paid in full for them.

What is used to make washable silk?

The silk prior to cleaning: These are composed of silk charmeuse, which is a satin-weaved variety of silk that has a glossier, more conventionally “silky” appearance than Lunya’s matte silk.



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