Prose Return Policy: Exploring Prose’s Policy

How can I contact Prose Hair Care to request a refund?

Prose will let you know when the money has been credited back to your original payment method if you’re asking for a return. Use the website’s Contact Form to get in touch with Prose if you need any information not covered in this review, or send an email to [email protected].

Is prose hair care effective?

Numerous Prose hair care reviews detail how the products prevented hair loss, altered the subject’s hair, and brought back their curl patterns. This indicates that the formulations are indeed effective. Overall, we believe that purchasing these goods is worthwhile.

What’s the lead time for prose shipping?

They are typically delivered in two to three business days following shipment and do not offer expedited shipping. But as of right now, their delivery window is between 10 and 15 business days. During checkout, you’ll see a more precise shipping time. Can you give Prose back? Prose guarantees your satisfaction 100 percent.

Would you benefit from a prose membership?

For people who would like to witness good changes in their hair over time, a Prose Membership is the best choice. You’ll want to see those improvements consistently, even if some consumers claim Prose products have improved the health of their hair after just one application.

What is the return policy for Prose?

What choices do I have if I’m not entirely happy with my purchases? We guarantee your complete happiness with all of our haircare products and Root SourceTM supplements* for 30 days after delivery. Simply get in touch with The Pros, your support group of bespoke formula specialists, if you’re not quite in love with your purchases.

Is it difficult to end a Prose membership?

Click “Your subscription” and then “Review Subscription” from the Prose account page. The “Cancel my subscription” link may be found under your purchase summary when you click into your active subscription tile(s) (screenshot here).

What is the lifespan of Prose products?

Prose now sells three items: shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask. You can order more than one bottle of any product at checkout, and you are not required to get all three. While the shampoo and conditioner last six to eight weeks, the mask can last up to ten weeks.

Are the bottles recycled by Prose?

Although our bottles are currently 100% recyclable, we want to avoid using virgin plastics in our production process by 2020. This means that we will make sure they are truly recycled by using recycled plastic and/or bottles to produce them.

Is Prose beneficial to hair?

Not the best conditioner/shampoo for curly hair. To put my 3c/4a hair in perspective, I wouldn’t advise doing this. It’s also rather drying. More hydration for people whose curl patterns are tighter.

Does Prose make use of artificial scents?

Examine shampoos with additional fragrance in more detail. You can be confident that Prose hair care products are always free of phthalates.

Can Prose get sour?

Sadly, I found out that it actually does expire. Handcrafted, natural goods don’t usually last a lifetime. My Prose shampoo was set to expire in May or June, but I made an effort to extend its shelf life. It changed into a liquid condition like to water and had an awful smell.

Is Prose receiving positive reviews?

Prose has received overwhelmingly good reviews. Consumers adore the individual aroma choices and the formulations’ rich, nourishing qualities. Many satisfied customers comment that their hair didn’t get as greasy in between washes as it usually would, and they especially adore the pre-shampoo mask.

Does Prose aid in the loss of hair?

According to Engelman, it is designed to address hair loss in a variety of ways and contains highly concentrated botanicals that nourish hair at every step of the development cycle. In addition, she suggests Prose, especially their Root Source product for people who have thinning hair.

Is prose waste-free?

Since the beginning, Prose has prioritised sustainability, which is why our goods are made-to-order, zero-waste, and customised. Additionally, we’ll always try to get better whenever we can. Our business is devoted to openness and driven by compassion as a recognised B Corporation.

Is palm oil used in prose?

This all-natural moisturiser is made from sustainable palm oil that has earned RSPO certification.

Can cans of dry shampoo be recycled?

Your aerosol can may be recycled like regular cans or tins if it is empty. Partially or fully filled aerosol cans should be kept apart from your other recyclables and regular garbage because they are dangerous materials.

How can I end my membership at Prose Nails?

You can contact and chat with your local PROSE location where you purchased your membership to terminate your membership and your ability to use it, provided that you give at least thirty days’ written notice.

What is the Prose membership process?

What does a membership include? Every UNLIMITED membership level includes two SNS and GEL per month, an unlimited number of visits, 10% off retail and Beauty Bar and the ability to use membership at any PROSE Nails store.

From whence is Prose shipped?

Originally from France, Prose is based in Brooklyn, where our manufacturing bottles each product fresh to order and our headquarters conceptualises the company’s next big idea. The lab is still located in the heart of Paris.


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