Asics Return Policy: Your Step-by-Step Guide

What is Asics Return Policy?

If the buyer is dissatisfied with the products, they can return them. Asics is dedicated to providing complete client satisfaction at all times. The company offers a potentially beneficial, customer-friendly return policy. The order is returnable within 90 days of receipt.  To return goods, you must meet the company’s requirements. Returns are only accepted for purchases made from or an ASICS shop. Except for sales products, socks, and innerwear, Asics’ return policy allows for the return of purchases. Purchases must be unworn, unwashed, and in their original packaging.

Additional Information about Asics Return Policy:

Information  Details
Return time  90 days 
Return medium  In-Store & Online 
Exchange  NA 
Refund method  Original mode of payment 
Contact  1-855-233-3120


What is Asics Return Method?

Before returning a product, customers must comply with certain allowances and limitations. The return policy specifies the restrictions and allowances. The methods outlined here are intended to streamline your Asics return process. Asics provides hassle-free returns by following their return policy instructions for your purchase.

What is Asics Return Policy In-Store?

Returning items to a retailer is one of the quickest and easiest methods. To begin, locate the nearest Asics store. You simply need to return your product to the retailer with a receipt. Returns are accepted in-store within 90 days of purchase. Visit the store and request that a store representative examine your return request. You can return to the store once they approve your return. They will gladly assist you. You will be required to justify returning the merchandise. Don’t forget to include your receipt, proof of purchase, or gift receipt.

What is Asics Return Policy Online?

To return your purchased items, use Asics’ free return services.

Please fill out the return form and include it with your item. If you misplace an Asics return form, you can find it online. The official website has an online form. Simply log in to your account to view the form.

The requester must supply their order number as well as their email address. The next step is to enter the required information and print the return shipping label.

To guarantee proper packing, include the return shipping label on the outside of the item. The parcel should be shipped by the carrier of your choice. Please ensure that you acquire the carrier service’s tracking number.

The product should arrive at the Asics warehouse in two days. The return process may take a week to complete and validate. The products must meet the required requirements to be refunded.

What is Asics Refund Policy?

After receiving your product, Asics will evaluate its quality; if your order is judged to be satisfactory in terms of quality, you will receive an email confirming that your refund has been handled. The refund will be made in the original form of payment that you used.  After the shipment has been validated, refunds are performed within 7 working days. The function will work in the same way as the payment method. The refund will include the original product price as well as any applicable taxes. Shipping is not included in the refund. The refund procedure may take longer than anticipated. The refund process varies according to the payment method chosen by the customer. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

What is Asics Exchange Policy?

As of now, Asics does not provide exchanges for any purchased merchandise. Unless the merchandise is damaged, Asics does not offer customer exchanges. Any sales merchandise is not covered by the exchange policy. Purchases of Asics bought in other countries should be returned to the same location. If customers want to exchange the merchandise, they must follow the Asics return policy. Return the item to the Asics store and wait for Asics to confirm your goods. You also receive a confirmation email. It proposes that you return the item and then place a fresh order. The shipping and handling fees will be deducted from the customer’s account.

What is Asics Return Policy for faulty items?

Defective items can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The policy states that defective items will only be exchanged if they are discovered within the first three months of use. The package must follow Asics’ return policy rules before it can be returned. If the manager inspects the merchandise and deems it to be defective, it will be returned for exchange. The consumer must fill out an exchange form. When evaluating an exchange, a customer support team must keep two crucial points in mind.

What is Asics Return Fee Policy?

Asics provides free returns via convincing rules. Asics provides free returns on any purchases made by the buyer. Asics’ return policy demands that products be returned in their original packaging. The sender must include a return form and return label. When returning a product to Asics, the reason for the return must be stated. The package can be returned in three ways. The product should be returned in the same way that it was purchased.

To return an online purchase, the buyer must submit a return request online. To file a return, you must fill out an online form with all required information. For postal returns, the buyer must submit a return form with a return label attached to the parcel.


Understanding the ASICS return policy is crucial for customers to ensure a seamless and satisfactory shopping experience. By familiarizing themselves with the terms and conditions outlined in the return policy, customers can make informed decisions and address any potential concerns regarding product returns or exchanges. ASICS’ commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction through a well-defined return policy reflects its dedication to providing quality products and excellent service. Ultimately, customers can shop with confidence, knowing that ASICS strives to uphold fair and reasonable practices in handling returns, making the overall shopping experience positive and customer-centric.


What is the return period for ASICS products?

ASICS typically offers a 60-day return policy for products purchased directly from their official website or authorized retailers. It’s important to check the specific return period for the item you’ve purchased.

Can I return ASICS products purchased from third-party retailers?

ASICS’ return policy may vary depending on where the product was purchased. If you bought ASICS items from an authorized retailer, it’s recommended to review the retailer’s return policy. For products purchased from the ASICS official website, ASICS will typically honor their return policy.

What is ASICS’ process for returning online orders?

To initiate a return for products purchased directly from the ASICS website, customers usually need to log in to their account, locate the order, and follow the provided instructions. This often involves filling out a return form and shipping the item back in its original condition and packaging.

Are there any conditions for returning ASICS products?

ASICS generally requires that returned items be in a new, unworn, and undamaged condition with the original tags and packaging intact. It’s advisable to review the specific conditions outlined in ASICS’ return policy to ensure compliance and a smooth return process.

How long does it take to receive a refund for a returned ASICS product?

The processing time for refunds may vary, but ASICS typically strives to process returns promptly. After receiving the returned item, it may take several business days for the refund to be issued. Customers should check their accounts or contact ASICS customer support for specific information regarding the refund timeline.


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