Vintage King Return Policy: Demystifying Vintage King’s Return Policy

How can I return something that I bought from Vintage King?

To acquire a Return Authorization (RA), get in touch with Vintage King. Pack the things for return with a copy of the RA inside. On your airbill, write your RA number anywhere—not on the box or packing. Returns must be sent in their original packaging, with all accessories and documentation included.

What is the simple return policy for antique King?

If a consumer does not use the customs and shipping documentation that Vintage King provides, or if they return an item without first obtaining authorization, Vintage King will not ship the item. Products bought after March 4, 2014, are eligible for returns under the Vintage King Easy Return policy.

What is the restocking policy of antique King?

Vintage King retains the right to impose a restock fee equal to the expense of returning the item to like-new condition if any of the aforementioned requirements are not satisfied.

What is a warranty for a vintage King?

“Vintage” objects are other used goods that belong to a specific era. Nearly all of our used devices are serviced by our in-house technical staff and come with a Vintage King warranty, which lasts 30 days for most digital products, 6 months for microphones, and 1 year for analog rack gear, even though they are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the vintage item restocking fee?

All returned items may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Items that are used, vintage, or demo may incur a 10% processing fee if they are canceled prior to delivery. Customer pays return freight expenses.

Is a credit card charged by Vintage King Audio?

Any credit card purchase is subject to Vintage King Audio’s approval and is subject to rejection at any time. For larger transactions, credit card charges can be rejected and an alternative payment method might be needed. In addition, Vintage King Audio has the authority to charge any credit card held on file by a customer for past-due balances.

Does Vintage King bear any liability for misspellings?

Vintage King disclaims all liability for any mistakes or omissions in the data or other documents that are linked to or referenced on its website.

Does Vintage King offer no warranties for sale?

All guarantees, whether written or spoken, express or implied, including the implicit warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed by Vintage King. Certain products are sold with no warranty. Such things will be posted appropriately.

Does Vintage King has a policy?

Vintage King demands that each shipment be insured by FedEx or the carrier that fulfilled your order to safeguard you against loss, theft, or damaged goods. Order totals placed online do not include insurance fees, which are charged at the $0.70 per $100 order processing fee.

Can an order for a vintage king be canceled?

No cancellations will be allowed after the items are dispatched, although you can return them to Vintage King for a refund. But, you will be in charge of paying for both the original shipping to you and the return postage to Vintage King. Please wait two weeks for the delivery of your refund check if you paid for your order by check.

Do orders get placed with Vintage King?

Your order will not be considered accepted by Vintage King until Vintage King ships the products you requested, regardless of any order confirmation or other correspondence Vintage King may have issued you. All of these terms and conditions will be accepted in full when your order is submitted. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT AN ORDER IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS.


If something that was delivered by LTL truck needs to be returned, you can:


For safe handling during transit, please package the item in the original packaging that you received it in. Put the BOL (freight) or return label (parcel) prominently on top of the item.


Kindly give our warehouse 5 to 10 business days to receive your return. After receiving the item, our staff will check it over and add it back to our inventory. We will start the refund process as soon as we get the item, and your banking institution will issue you a refund within two to ten days.

Things that are not returnable

Items that have been put in place or that have been attempted to be put in place (scratches, wrench marks, putty, etc.)

Defective Item?

Please fill out the following form if you declined your freight cargo because the driver did not let you open the crate and examine the merchandise, or because the crate had major damage and it was likely that the product would be damaged.

Absent Pieces?

To let Vintage Tub & Bath know if any parts are missing from your purchase, use this form:

Can a last sale item be returned?

Final Sale products are non-refundable unless they are proven to be defective. When you return your purchases for a refund and claim any free gifts that came with your transaction, you also need to return the free gift(s). ONLINE EXCHANGES AND RETURNS. To begin your online return, CLICK HERE.

Do hats need to be returned in a box?

include the packaging, casing, and tags. To guarantee that they are not crushed or harmed during transportation, hats must be returned inside of another box. Returning shoes needs to be done in a box or satchel (box recommended). Nothing should be taped or fastened to the shoe box’s exterior.

Face masks: are they returnable?

For hygienic reasons, face masks, undergarments, and earrings cannot be returned. It is not possible to return or exchange gift cards for cash. After the purchase date, all returns must be received within 30 days. Kindly make sure that every item is safely packed and returns to us in its original, unworn state.

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