Studio Suits Return Policy: Simplifying Studio Suits’ Return Policy

What is the base of StudioSuits?

the United KingdomHaresh claims that StudioSuits gets the majority of its fabric from a reputable mill; the parent company was established in 1801 and is based in the UK. In the near future, StudioSuits also intends to add pure, fine wool to their already extensive material choices.

Identify StudioSuits.

Leading manufacturer of personalised apparel, StudioSuits’ parent firm has had its goods featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Oprah’s O Magazine, Instyle, American Way, Craft, Tampa Tribune, and many more. Positive reviews and satisfied customers have brought in a lot of return business for the business.

A three-piece suit: what is it?

A three-piece suit is defined as one in which the pants, jacket, and vest are all constructed of the same material.

Hockerty is created where?

Our team of over sixty individuals, situated in Z├╝rich, Switzerland, and with offices in Shanghai and Barcelona, tirelessly strives to provide you with innovative custom-made items. We take great pride in our Made in Shanghai products.

Tweedmaker outfits are manufactured where?

China.The finest tailors in the world, our suits are proudly and ethically crafted in China by skilled craftsmen with over 20 years of combined expertise!

Oliver Wicks suits are manufactured where?

Made with pride in Europe using only natural merino wool from age-old mills in England and Italy. Place an online order and receive a customised, made-to-measure suit with European style, canvassed construction, and thirty days for delivery.

What is the duration required to receive a refund from Amazon?

It may take up to 14 days for your item(s) to be returned and for your refund to be credited to your account after you send them off for return. Simply log in to Your Account and select Your Credit & Returns to keep track of this process.

Is it possible to return a pre-recorded item?

Software, scented candles, confections with broken seals, pre-recorded audio, and activated cell phones are not returnable. Unwrapped mattresses, pierced ear jewellery, body bars, swimwear, and lingerie are also not allowed for hygienic and health reasons.

What is the duration required to return a package to Amazon?

Respond. You may return an item to us within 30 days of the delivery date as long as it is undamaged and in its original packaging. Not every item may be returned; the standard exclusions apply (see below).

If a phone is unwrapped, can it be returned?

Once activated, mobile phones are likewise non-refundable. Unwrapped mattresses, pierced ear jewellery, body bars, swimwear, and lingerie are also not allowed for hygienic and health reasons. These products can only be returned if they are defective or damaged.

How can I get in touch with Contemposuits?

Return Guidelines. Please contact us by phone at 1-800-561-1708 or by email at [email protected] if you have any returns or exchanges.

Is there a refund for a group order?

Special orders and group orders are not returnable. If an order contains three or more comparable items, it will be categorised as a group order. If any amount of merchandise needs to be special ordered, it will be considered a special order.





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