Lululemon Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

What Is Lululemon’s Return Policy?

Regardless of your affection for the popular athletic company, not every buy will be a success.

Lululemon clothing, shoes, and accessories are popular among many people, ranging from silky and smooth leggings that can carry you from yoga to errands to belt bags that can’t be restocked quickly enough. Even yet, occasionally when you bring an item home – whether it was purchased in-store or tried on at home after ordering online – you see it’s not the perfect fit, color, length, or “vibe” you were looking for.

When you realize you need to return your Lululemon item, you may worry and hunt for the receipt to understand the return policy. And that is a genuine issue, because retailer return policies can range from highly lax rules allowing you to return an item after several months with or without a ticket to stringent, final sale or store-credit-only alternatives.

So, what about Lululemon, a fan favorite? Perhaps you overspent on your shopping excursion or didn’t have time to try on a new kind of leggings before purchasing. Everything you need to know about Lululemon’s return policy is right here.

Does Lululemon accept returns?

If you bought something from Lululemon and are having second thoughts, the good news is that Lululemon accepts returns. However, like with other return policies, there are some restrictions and exclusions to consider. These include the amount of time you have to make a return, the eligibility of an item for return, and the information you’ll need to give in order to make the return or exchange (more on these restrictions below).

Is a receipt required for Lululemon returns?

While Lululemon’s return policy does not require a “receipt,” the guidelines do state that you must produce “proof of purchase.” This implies you can present an e-receipt or anything similar from an online purchase, for example, or a paper receipt from a store. Anything else the company may choose to accept as “proof of purchase” (for example, would a credit card bill suffice?) is entirely up to Lululemon. Furthermore, the Lululemon return policy says that there may be some case-by-case exclusions for a return without proof of purchase that an individual associate or manager can evaluate. Regardless, save that receipt for the best possibility of a seamless return process!

How long does Lululemon accept returns for?

The Lululemon return policy is extremely easy in terms of the timeline for making a return or exchange. You have 30 days after the purchase to do so, according to its criteria. You might get lucky if a specific associate or store manager makes an exception. According to the website’s return policy, “refunds will be applied to a Lululemon gift card or in accordance with applicable local laws if we choose to provide a refund after 30 days or if there is no proof of purchase.” 

However, there is no guarantee that you will be successful in completing a return or exchange after the 30-day policy has expired. If you are successful, you may not receive your money in the same manner in which you made the purchase, so be prepared to take store credit if the associate makes this exception.

Is it possible to return pilled training clothes to Lululemon?

No, according to Lululemon’s return policy, the goods must be unused and unwashed, with hang tags attached, before they can be returned. Shoes are a little different in that it is acknowledged that you must wear them to determine if they will meet your demands. If you’ve tried your shoes on and they don’t fit, he said, “We’re happy to provide a full refund or exchange within 30 days of the original purchase date” to the company’s return policy. Please keep in mind that you will also need the shoe box to make a return.

P.S. If you have lightly used Lululemon gear that you no longer need, you can trade it in as part of the brand’s sustainability objectives through its “Like New” online resale program. Simply bring your item to a participating shop, and if it satisfies the requirements, you’ll receive an e-gift card good for new Lululemon purchases in-store or online.

Is it possible to get a refund from Lululemon if an item is damaged?

Lululemon stands by the quality of its products. So much so that the corporation has a “Quality Promise” that says, “If our product doesn’t perform for you, we’ll take it back.” So, if an item you purchased is broken or defective, or if you have quality concerns about how an item will hold up to normal use, you can return it to the store. Shoes can only be returned for quality or performance reasons during the standard 30-day period. To be clear, this is not the same as if an item gets damaged simply by being used or was purchased through Lululemon’s online resale shop.

Can Lululemon online buys be returned in-store?

If you need to return an online Lululemon purchase, you can do it in a Lululemon store or by initiating the return online and mailing the item back for reimbursement. However, if you want to exchange an item you purchased online, you may only do it at an actual Lululemon store. For the record, in-store purchases can be returned or exchanged in-store or by emailing Lululemon here.

Is it possible to get a pricing adjustment from Lululemon?

It’s unclear how Lululemon now handles pricing adjustments, if they even give them at all. “When it comes to price adjustments, the exact item must still be in stock in order for us to set up an adjustment for you,” noted the company’s verified account on Twitter in 2020. That being said, send us a DM and we’d be happy to go over all the details with you.” However, if you’re looking for a price adjustment, it’s advisable to contact customer service or ask a store assistant or manager what the current policy is.

Is there a lifetime warranty from Lululemon?

The Lululemon “Quality Promise” is the company’s limited warranty on its products, which does not cover “usage beyond practical lifetime,” according to the company’s website. So, while it’s not advertised as a “lifetime” guarantee, the business stands behind the quality of its products, and as such, you can return an item if it’s not operating as expected. Shoes, on the other hand, must be returned within 30 days.)


What is Lululemon’s return policy?

Lululemon typically allows returns within 30 days of the purchase date. The things must be in their original condition, complete with tags. This policy may vary slightly for certain products, so it’s advisable to check the official website for the most accurate information.

Can I return worn or used Lululemon products?

Lululemon generally accepts returns of gently worn or used items within the specified return period. The company encourages customers to try out their products and return them if they are not satisfied. However, excessive wear or damage may affect the return eligibility.

How can I initiate a return with Lululemon?

To return an item to Lululemon, you usually need to initiate the return process through their website or contact their customer support. This may involve providing order details and a reason for return. Lululemon may provide a prepaid shipping label for online returns.

What items are non-returnable at Lululemon?

Some items may be non-returnable or have special conditions. This can include final sale items, underwear, water bottles, and other personalized or hygienic products. Always check the specific product details and the return policy on Lululemon’s official website.

Can I return Lululemon items purchased online to a store?

In many cases, lululemon allows customers to return online purchases to a physical store. This option provides added convenience for those who prefer an in-person return process. However, it’s recommended to check the current store return policy and availability, as it may vary by location.


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