Hibbett Return Policy: A Comprehensive Guide to Hassle-Free Returns

Hibbett Sports is a sporting goods retailer with over a thousand outlets in the United States’ southern and southeastern regions. Aside from their multiple brick-and-mortar locations, they also have an online store where you can buy all kinds of athletic products and equipment. There are a variety of sports gear available for supporters of major sports teams, as well as goods required for people interested in hunting and fishing.  Let’s take a closer look at Hibbett’s return policy.

The business is a wonderful site to visit for sports aficionados, and, unlike any other sports store, they provide a return policy. 

Hibbett has a customer-friendly return policy that allows buyers who satisfy their stipulated conditions to return any item they do not want for up to two months, or 60 days in total. Returns are possible whether you purchase in-store or online. The return period begins with the order’s shipment date, not the day the item is received.

Sports Equipment and Products Returns

Returning things purchased from Hibbett can be done via mail or in person at their physical location.

Returning through the mail

To return your purchase via mail, fill out their web form with information such as your name, order number, email, billing address, Zip code, and so on. The order number serves as proof of purchase. You’d need to print the shipping label and affix it to the product you’re returning. There are no shipping, return, or restocking fees when using this method. 

You must have purchased the product online to return it by mail. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this service. 

Returning to the physical store

You must return in-store purchases made at Hibbett locations. Your in-store purchases are items you bought and paid for in-store rather than online, as well as items you bought in-store and delivered to your home. For your refund to be processed, you must have the shipment email, order confirmation email, or packing list.

Product Condition for Returns

Not everything purchased at Hibbett and returned is automatically collected; it must meet certain conditions. The main requirement is that the goods look brand new when returned. It must also be returned in its original packing, but the newness does not extend to the packaging, so you can relax. 

Returning clothes should be unwashed and unworn, and things other than clothes should be unremoved from their packaging. Sports equipment that is defective should be returned to the manufacturer, not Hibbett. 

Products that cannot be returned

Not everything can be returned, particularly items that do not match the newness criteria. Items that have been customized, worn, removed from their packaging, or that exceed a certain size category cannot be returned to Hibbett. 

Also, because they were purchased online and cannot be easily sent to the store for a return owing to their size, some items cannot be returned. Products that are defective and have a manufacturer’s guarantee cannot be returned to Hibbett. Instead, contact the makers to file a warranty claim.

 Even so, many items, such as clothing and small equipment, can be returned. To find out if your product can be returned, contact customer service first. 


Understanding the Hibbett return policy is essential for a seamless shopping experience. With a customer-centric approach, Hibbett Sports ensures satisfaction by offering a straightforward and accommodating return policy. Shoppers can confidently make purchases, knowing they have the option to return or exchange items within the specified timeframe. This policy reflects Hibbett’s commitment to customer satisfaction, fostering trust and loyalty among its clientele. By providing clear guidelines and flexibility, Hibbett not only simplifies the return process but also demonstrates its dedication to ensuring customers are content with their purchases. In summary, the Hibbett return policy is a pivotal element in enhancing the overall shopping journey, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for customer-friendly practices.


What is Hibbett’s return policy?

Hibbett’s return policy allows customers to return items within 60 days of the purchase date. The products must be in their original condition, including packaging and tags.

Can I return online purchases to a physical Hibbett store?

Yes, Hibbett offers the convenience of returning online purchases to any of their physical store locations. Simply bring the item, along with the packing slip, to process the return.

Are there any items excluded from Hibbett’s return policy?

Certain items, like swimwear, underwear, and customized products, may not be eligible for return due to hygiene or personalized nature. It’s essential to check the product details for any specific exclusions.

How do I initiate a return for an online purchase?

To initiate an online return, log in to your Hibbett account, go to your order history, and select the item you wish to return. Follow the provided instructions to generate a return label and packing slip.

What if I received a faulty or damaged product?

If you receive a damaged or defective item, contact Hibbett’s customer service immediately. They will guide you through the process of returning the product and may offer a replacement or refund, depending on the situation.


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