Halo Collar Return Policy: What You Need to Know

Do you need to return a Halo Collar that you own? You should be aware of the following details regarding the policy:

Halo Collar Return Policy

  • If you return items purchased from www.halocollar.com within 60 days of receiving them and no later than 75 days following the shipment date, you will receive a refund.
  • Any collars that have been ruined by a pet or a customer cannot be returned to the manufacturer. All returned collars must also be in operational order and show no evidence of wear or use. To find out more about what constitutes appropriate wear and usage signs, go to the Return Policy.
  • As stated in the Return Situation and in accordance with the Return Policy’s guidelines, you will get a refund of your purchase price less shipping and handling once your authorized return is received and examined.
  • The original payment method will be utilized to receive the refund.
  • Purchases bought outside of www.halocollar.com are not covered by this policy, and returns must be made in accordance with the guidelines provided by the approved seller in their return policy.
  • To avoid being charged again, be sure to remove the collar from your account in the Halo App when you return your Halo. The Halo App will keep charging you for that item until they receive it and deactivate it for you if you don’t remove the collar.

What Is Halo Collar?

With the help of the high-tech Halo Collar pet containment device, you can confine your dog or cat to a specific area without the need for walls or other physical obstacles. The Halo Collar creates a virtual boundary around your property using GPS and wireless technologies, and it alerts you if your pet ventures outside of the defined region.

Additionally, you can configure the Halo Collar to follow your pet’s position in real time and get reports on their activity level and general wellbeing.

How Does Halo Collar Work for Dogs?

To keep your dog inside the fence you’ve set up, the fences work without the collar, much like a self-driving car. The Halo Collar then uses wireless technology to detect when your dog has ventured too far and allows them to safely return inside your defined zone.

A shock collar or a halo collar?

To assist with canine training, Halo offers six different preset feedback options, such as static, noises, vibrations, and even personalized patterns. In addition to being preventive, the Halo collar will shield your dog from misbehaviour in the first place.

How Far Can a Halo Collar Be Used?

The Halo Collar is a very precise dog tracker that can locate your pet within ten feet of where they are. Additionally, you can build unique fences anywhere you need them.

What Is the Duration of Halo Collar?

Up to 20 hours can pass between charges for the Halo Collar; however, this amount of time may vary depending on factors including how frequently you use the app and if you have the most recent software update. To ensure that it is ready for use the following day, you should remove the collar each night and let it to charge.

Is it Possible to Use the Halo Collar as a Training Collar?

Nope. The Halo Collar is an invisible fence that you can use to confine your dog to a certain area; it is not a training collar.

What Is the Price of a Halo Collar?

The monthly cost of the Basic Plan is $4.49, the Silver Plan is $9.99, and the Gold Plan is $29.99. If you need a replacement collar for whatever reason, Halo Care offers them for $149 with a $9.99 monthly membership for each collar.

New and current Amazon Prime members can access the platform for free for a year during a short period of time. If you make a purchase with an Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick after your free membership expires, your Amazon Halo membership will automatically renew at $3.99/month plus VAT. Your membership fee is subject to change at any time.











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