Dds Return Policy: Understanding Our Product Return Guidelines

Return Policy

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  • Only refunds are made, once the product has reached its destination and has been received by the buyer, no refunds are made for products that are in transit to be …
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Within 30 days of purchase, items that have not been worn, used, or altered are eligible for full returns if the original receipt is presented. Cash will not be given for five (5) days if the goods was paid for with a check. If not, a refund in the same currency as the original transaction will be issued.)

What conditions apply to returns for DD’s discounts?

The rules of the return policy are still listed below. A system of refund verification is used by dd’s DISCOUNTS. Subject to system verification, all returns are accepted. The system only permits a certain amount of refunds for returns and exchanges without a receipt, therefore please save and utilize your receipt for all return and exchange activities.

What is DSW’s return policy?

Regardless of the receipt, DSW has the right to restrict returns or exchanges. ARE RETURNS FEEABLE? Return shipping is free for members who are DSW Gold or Elite. The cost of return shipping for any number of items is $8.50 for all other customers using our pre-paid return label; this amount will be subtracted from your refund. ARE MERCHANGES ALLOWED?

What are the policies and procedures of DDS?

DDS’s policies and procedures. Transmittals for DDS. DDS adheres to a number of rules and guidelines, one of which is employee travel. Segways and Other Alternatives for Transportation. The driving record and self-reporting form is requested annually. Policy on Employee Travel. Acknowledgment form for vehicle operators.

Are You hiring at DDS discounts?

We’re Recruiting! We’re Recruiting! Look through our job vacancies to discover a profession that suits you. For a chance to be featured, use the hashtag #ddsdealz and tag @ddsdiscounts on your finds.

How long is a DDS lab warranty?

DDS Lab makes no guarantees regarding the devices’ suitability for any particular use, and in the event that this disclaimer is not allowed by law, any implied warranty will only last for ninety (90) days after the date of delivery.The warranty on orthodontic appliances lasts for ninety days starting from the invoice date.

How long does it take to return an appliance to DDS?

Acceptance of the appliance will be indicated by its use, sale, modification, or alteration, as well as by your failure to return it to DDS Lab within thirty (30) days of receiving it.

Dental restorations are produced where?

The manufacturer and/or distributor of dental restorations is DDS Lab, LLC, located at 5440 Beaumont Center Blvd, Suite 400, Tampa, FL 33634. Full-service dental laboratory DDS Lab holds the following accreditations and memberships:

What happens if you request a remake of a case?

If the customer chooses to proceed with the case’s completion without making any adjustments, declines a try-in, or fails to submit the needed materials, and the lab determines that the case materials provided are incomplete and/or unsuitable, and a remake request is made.

What is the interest rate for accounts that are past due?

Until the entire amount is paid, past-due accounts will accrue interest at the maximum rate permitted by law, which is 1.5% each month. On accounts with past due balances, DDS Lab reserves the right to deny new orders or to fulfill current ones.

Do prostheses violate the warranty?

The warranty will be void for removable prosthetics fabricated without a try-in/setup.

Does DDS Lab have a refund policy?

Before issuing any credit or refund, DDS Lab retains the right to remedy any flaw.


Most undamaged, unworn, or defective items may be returned to DSW for a refund or exchange.


To return your purchases to us, print a label, and give us up to 7 to 10 business days to process your refund.

























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