Aerie Return Policy: Your Comprehensive Guide to Hassle-Free Returns

Aerie is a well-known clothing manufacturer these days. They, like its sibling brand, American Eagle, have made a reputation for themselves.

They take pride in assisting you, the customer, in resolving any concerns satisfactorily. Is this customer-first policy reflected in their return and exchange policy?

What is Aerie’s return policy?

Proof of purchase is required, which includes the original receipt, invoice, order confirmation page, order details page, and order emails. You can still return if you no longer have your proof of purchase. It will simply be offered to you as a product exchange or shop credit in the amount of the item’s current price.

Return timeline No time limit
Return method Mail, in-store
Exchange period No time limit
Exchange method Mail, in-store
Refund period 5-7 business days
Refund method Original payment method, gift card


If you are not pleased with your Aerie purchase for any reason, you can return it for a full refund. However, there are some guidelines to follow.

Aerie offers a generous return policy. Returns can be made at any time after purchase as long as you have your invoice.

There are no time constraints or return windows; you may initiate a return at any time after purchasing and receiving the item or products. You can still get a complete refund in the form of cash returned to your original payment method, an exchange, or an AE gift card.

How do you return a product to Aerie?

Not only does Aerie have an extremely generous “no time limit” return policy, but they also have various avenues for you to make that return.

You can return your purchases either by mail or in person at an Aerie or AE shop.


At Aerie, returns and exchanges are simple and free. Simply bring the product you want to return, your proof of purchase, and the credit or debit card you used to make the original purchase.

Even if you don’t have your proof of purchase, you can still return it. The reimbursement will be in the form of an AE gift card for the current value of the returned item.


If you made your purchase online, you can return it by mail rather than transporting it to a physical store. Aerie, on the other hand, does not currently allow mail-in exchanges.

  • Access the Aerie website.
  • Choose the goods you want to return.
  • Print your shipping labels and adhere them to the exterior of your packaging.
  • If your order qualifies for a free return, you can use their label instead, which is free of charge.
  • If your return does not qualify for a free return, a $5 fee will be taken from your refund amount to cover shipping costs.

Can you return a used product to Aerie?

Yes, you can return used things to Aerie. They must, however, be in like-new condition.

Any damaged products will be accepted; however, swimsuits and bikini bottoms that have lost their sanitary layer will not be accepted for return.

Even if you’ve removed and lost the original tag from a cleaned item of clothing, it can still be processed.

What do I need to return to Aerie?

Thankfully, Aerie has simplified the return process.

All you need is the item you’re returning, evidence of purchase (in the form of a receipt, invoice, order confirmation page, order details page, order emails, or order confirmation emails), and the credit or debit card used to make the transaction.

Even if the item has been used, has missing tags, or has been washed, it can still be processed and returned. Only broken or worn bikini bottoms and swimsuits will be accepted.


Understanding the Aerie return policy is crucial for customers seeking a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. Aerie’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its transparent and customer-centric return policy. By providing clear guidelines, a reasonable timeframe, and various return options, Aerie demonstrates its dedication to ensuring that customers feel confident and supported in their purchases. Whether for online or in-store transactions, the Aerie return policy serves as a foundation for a positive customer experience, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for reliability and customer-centric values. By staying informed about the return process, shoppers can enjoy the freedom to make confident choices, knowing that Aerie stands behind its products and is committed to resolving any issues with efficiency and care.


What is Aerie’s return policy?

Aerie’s return policy allows customers to return unworn and unwashed items within 60 days of the original purchase. The items must have all original tags attached, and a valid proof of purchase is required.

Can I return Aerie swimwear and undergarments?

Yes, Aerie accepts returns on swimwear and undergarments as long as the hygiene seal is intact. The items must be in unworn condition with original tags attached.

How do I initiate a return with Aerie?

To initiate a return with Aerie, you can visit their website and log in to your account. Locate the order in your order history, select the items you want to return and follow the provided instructions to generate a return label.

What is the return process for Aerie in-store purchases?

If you made a purchase at an Aerie retail store, you can return the items in-store within 60 days of the original purchase. Ensure you bring the items along with the original receipt for a smooth return process.

Are there any items excluded from Aerie’s return policy?

Aerie’s return policy may exclude final sale items, as indicated during the purchase. Additionally, any items that do not meet the specified criteria, such as being worn or missing tags, may not be eligible for a return. It’s recommended to review the return policy details on Aerie’s website for comprehensive information.


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