Costco Mattress Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know how you can fall asleep when lying comfortably in bed? Or, if you’re a part of the social media frenzy, do you navigate through several apps? 

The significance of a good mattress cannot be emphasized. Costco has an excellent assortment of premium-brand mattresses. These are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and comfort levels. You will undoubtedly find the ideal mattress. They also have a reasonable range and a variety of brands to choose from. 

While the mattresses are of high quality, any buyer understands the importance of understanding return policies, particularly when making large purchases. So, let’s go over the Costco Mattress Return Policy in detail.

Shopping At Costco

If you are interested in interior design or furnishing, Costco is a one-stop shop because it sells a large variety of furnishings. Storage and organization, lights, outdoor playground equipment, and, of course, beds are among the Costco furniture categories. 

Not only does Costco accept standard mattress returns, but it also accepts memory foam and air mattresses. It also accepts Casper mattresses. Here’s what you should do if you’re unhappy with your mattress or have simply changed your mind!

Costco Mattress Return Policy

This retailer accepts mattress returns at any time after purchase. All you’ll need is your membership card, and that’s it. The return desk will still assist you if you forget your card. 

Costco’s mattress return policy, like its other return policies, is fairly generous. The process of returning a mattress has been streamlined. Why do some consumers return their mattresses if the store promises product satisfaction?

And here is why…

Some clients will discover that the mattress is simply not working for them. It could be that it takes up too little or too much space in a room. It may not be as comfortable as anticipated. In either case, the mattress can be returned with ease. 

What Should You Do If You Don’t Have Your Receipt?

When returning a mattress, the retail business does not require customers to have a receipt. This is because it brazenly advertises a “risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee” return policy. You can return the mattress even if it has been used or the original packing has been discarded. 

Without a receipt, how does Costco know it’s one of their products?

Costco members’ visits and purchases are tracked by the store. The store will look up your previous transactions. This will help prove that you bought the mattress from Costco. When you provide the customer service professional with your membership card, they will handle your issue. 

How You Can Return Your Mattress

Furthermore, if you require assistance in returning the mattress because you do not own a large pickup truck. All you have to do to get help from Costco is phone your local store. They will arrange for the mattress to be picked up at a time that is convenient for you.

If you can return the mattress on your own, that is also acceptable! This key chain ring for vehicle trucks is a simple investment for your key collection. You’ll receive two key chains made of solid walnut wood, leather, and a brass ring, as well as a gift box. 

If you purchased your mattress online, you could return it to your local Costco warehouse for a full refund. Returns can also be initiated through


Understanding the Costco mattress return policy is essential for customers seeking reassurance and flexibility in their purchase decisions. Costco’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its generous return policy, which typically allows for hassle-free returns within a specified timeframe. Customers should familiarize themselves with the specific details of the policy, such as the duration of the return window and any potential restocking fees, to ensure a smooth and satisfactory return experience. Overall, Costco’s customer-centric approach to mattress returns reflects its dedication to providing value and peace of mind to its members.


What is Costco’s mattress return policy?

Costco has a generous return policy for mattresses. You can return a mattress within 90 days of the original purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress during this period, you can initiate a return for a full refund.

Is there a restocking fee for returning a mattress to Costco?

No, Costco typically does not charge a restocking fee for returning a mattress. The return process is designed to be hassle-free, and you should receive a full refund if you decide to return the mattress within the 90-day window.

Can I return a mattress to Costco if it has been used?

Yes, Costco allows the return of used mattresses within the 90-day return period. However, it’s advisable to keep the original packaging, as returning the mattress in its original condition helps facilitate the return process.

What if my mattress is defective or damaged?

If you receive a defective or damaged mattress from Costco, you can contact their customer service for assistance. They will guide you through the process of returning the damaged item, and you may be eligible for a replacement or a full refund, depending on the circumstances.

Are there any exceptions to Costco’s mattress return policy?

While Costco generally has a flexible return policy, it’s essential to be aware that certain exceptions may apply. For example, custom-ordered mattresses or special-order mattresses may have different return conditions. It’s recommended to check the specific details at the time of purchase or contact Costco’s customer service for clarification on any exceptions.


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