Why Give Your Clients/employees Gifts?

When marketing, companies keep contact with their clients through email or mail and nurture their relationship between each other, for future business purposes.

Corporate gifts Singapore hold the same concept. Keeping contact like this does have certain benefits to the company (business). Here are a few main benefits on such gifts giving.

To overcome the bridge of distance

Regardless of where your company is located, sending out a present to your clients gives them a feeling of closeness to your business and a good impression will be left on their minds about your company even if you are separated by countries.

Reinforce your brand

If you want to show that you value your brand, that your brand is very thoughtful about their clients and going the extra mile, have the present personalized. Many gifting services now design customised gifts; basically having you brand logo on the gift showing that your company will always be with them.

Helps to keep in touch

The method of having a nurtured relationship through emails or mails might have an issue of keeping it going. When your present arrives, it is most likely that they will reply to you creating an opportunity for you to discuss on ongoing businesses.

Sets you apart from the competition

You might not be the only company that your client works with, but there is a bigger chance in you being his/her favorite. A  thoughtful present is the best way to be the favorite on their list.

More client attraction

Having your company give out gifts to their clients is a very good method in marketing to help your business attract more clients. Most businesses seems to give inexpensive gifts like caps, t-shirts and school bags, but think a bit more ahead, sending a hamper, a bottle of wine, a tickets to a concert may not just attract clients but it will also upgrade the  standards of the company.

The above benefits are from sending gifts to your clients. But what about your employees? Cooperate gifts work as internal and external. External is gift giving your clients and internal is giving your employees.

More than just the traditional gift giving

Of course, in tradition we contribute in giving a present to our co-workers/ employees when they are celebrating their birthdays or taking maternity/paternity leaves and on their retirements. But this gift giving concept actually helps workers to create more of a bond between on another and help them work together.

 Boost their morale

Sending out gifts to your employees actually does help boost their Morales and company cohesion. Sending gifts out to the employee of the month makes everyone want to work harder and more efficiently. Not only does this make the employees get a wonderful present but it also helps the progress of your company, it’s win-win situation.

So I hope you see the benefits of giving out gifts to your clients and employees. Make sure it doesn’t look as a form of bribery but more of a thoughtfulness. You will see s great difference in your working environment.

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