Types Of Cosmetic Treatments That Do Not Require Surgery

Every time you hear about needing to make modifications to your face, all you would probably think of would be plastic surgeries. While they are definitely the most effective when it comes to making significant changes to your face, facial surgeries are still risky and not everybody wants to attempt them. Surgeries often require you to stay put for a certain period of time until your wounds heal, and this time period can vary from a couple of days to several weeks at a time.

In this case, it is recommended to try one of the many non-surgical facial treatments out there. Most of them have been found quite recently, mainly thanks to recent advances in technology, yet there is enough evidence to prove that they provide a somewhat sensible alternative to undergoing surgery. Below is a list of the most popular of such surgeries, so remember to try one non surgical facelift in Singapore if you are interested:

  • Ulthera Face Lift – This type of face lifting technique uses ultrasound waves to remove wrinkles, thus making your skin look younger. This procedure, also known as shrink wrapping has immediate results, which you can see for yourself after undergoing treatment. The only possible downside is the fact that an ultherapy session can be quite painful. If you can’t handle it, then it is suggested to look elsewhere.
  • Laser Lift – This method of skin lifting makes use of minimally invasive lasers. These lasers are used to burn through excess subcutaneous fat, thus making your skin look tighter than it was before. The main advantage of laser lifting is the fact that the results are considered to be permanent: you will see very little changes even a couple of years later.
  • Dermal Filling – This type of treatment is a little older than the ones listed above, but it is by far more common and its after effects are known much better. There are a few types of filling materials that can be used for this process, but the most common one is definitely hyaluronic acid. Some clinics will also perform dermal fillings using collagen, botox, etc. Dermal filling is a good option for those looking to make their skin look younger by slightly changing its overall profile.
  • Fat Transfer – Fat transfer is the grafting of fat layers taken from other areas of your body to your own face. Fat transfer is ideal for treating hollowed out areas of your face resulting from things like acne scars, laughing lines and other situations of skin depression. Fat transfer is one of the least risky procedures you can undergo since your body will accept your own fat more readily than anything else.

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