Tips On How To Manage Your Eyebrows

Whether you are a man or a woman, having unruly or sparse eyebrows can affect your entire look. Knowing how to handle your eyebrows isn’t rocket science, though it might feel that way for some. It takes trial and error, and definitely a little effort to understand exactly how your eyebrows should look.

But shaping your eyebrows isn’t that hard, and we’ve assembled a few tips that may help you with your quest of getting the perfect eyebrows!

Getting professional help

For a newcomer to the world of makeup, or for someone who knows nothing about managing eyebrows, your safest bet would be getting professional help. By professional help, we mean, of course, an appointment with your local salon. Depending on the needs of your eyebrows, as it differs from person to person and their likings, you could opt getting your eyebrows waxed, threaded or even a 3D eyebrow embroidery.

Getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded obviously helps with the shaping of your eyebrows. Though threading is definitely less painful, quicker and less messy, getting your eyebrows waxed can ensure that the “growing back” process is much slower.

3D eyebrow embroidery in Singapore on the other hand is something new that’s quickly getting famous, and it’s useful for filling in the sparse areas in your eyebrows and giving it a defined shape. The process doesn’t take that long and it is widely becoming popular these days. In fact, most salons throughout the world are recommending it to their customers, especially the busy type who don’t have a lot of time in spare.

Doing it at home

Filling in your eyebrows and shaping it to suit your face can easily be done at home. Using a facial razor (carefully!) could help you achieve the shape that you need. If you’re afraid to use a razor on your face, or if you have more time (and definitely more patience) then you can also remove your unwanted hair using a tweezer.

Filling it in is as easy. Use eyebrow pencils to aid you here. Once you’re satisfied with the color, you may want to brush it a little with clear mascara (or spraying a clean mascara wand with a little hairspray works well too!) to make sure that it stays in place and looks neat and tidy. Of course, each person’s eyebrow requirements are different, and we don’t really know if our method will work for you. In this case, you might want to try watching a few video tutorials on this topic available so widely in the internet.

Apart from this, you can also use eyebrow extensions to fill in the sparse areas. These can be purchased almost everywhere locally, and also online.
Regardless of what products you use, or what method, when it comes to managing your eyebrows, it’s very important that you give it a practice run…or two!

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