Things To Consider When You Have Long Hair

Having long hair is a dream for many women. However having and maintaining long hair is not an easy task. Although many would love to have long hair because it is difficult to maintain it, many would prefer having it short. If you have long hair, you need to consider the following in order to have a healthy look.

The cleanliness

When you have a long mane you need to consider the cleanliness. Depending on the climate you live in the cleanliness of the mane can change. For example if you live in a very humid and hot country your mane would get dirtier faster than you would imagine. The dust and the debris from the surrounding can stick to hair and damage it. You need to consider washing your hair often and using hair treatment oil to make sure the damaged parts are repaired. Cleanliness in the mane is a very important part. If it is dirty and you don’t wash it properly the dust can become fungus and you may have problems like hair fall, dandruff and various other skull issues. It is very important to focus on the cleanliness when you have long hair. Also the cleanliness depends on your work schedules and the mode of transport. If you take the public transport and work late shifts there may be a chance that you collect more dirt than a person who travels in a private vehicle and does normal hours at work.

Condition of the hair

Condition of the mane is whether it is dry or oily or normal and the type of mane. If you have a curly and frizzy hair and it is very long. It may be lot difficult to handle and maintain than a straight locks. Also if your mane is dry and it is long it may have a very lifeless look and it is not very attractive. You need to consider using hair treatment oil in Singapore in order to maintain a healthy mane. Also if you have an oily mane it is very difficult to maintain as oil attracts more dust and germs. You need to use proper shampoo made for oily hairs and use them regularly. Use less conditioner and oil.


Damages to hair is when you do certain artificial alterations to the natural look. For example if you have it curly and chemically straighten it, mane gets damaged. And if you have it straight and chemically curl it the mane gets damaged. There are special treatments for damaged hair and you need to be very careful. For example chemically treated hair cannot be exposed to salt water and chlorine it will make it more damaged.

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