Rites Of Passage: The Hallmarks Of Becoming An Adult

Different cultures around the world have different ways in which they celebrate a child’s transition into adulthood. The Jewish community celebrates with Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs for their boys and girls when they turn 13; the Japanese dress in traditional kimonos and go to the temples to pray and pledge when they become teenagers; and Hindus in India throw huge parties for young girls who hit puberty. Then there are the cultures that don’t have special celebrations but still have certain rites of passage that mark your transition into adulthood. Here are some of them:

Driving Your Own Vehicle

In many countries, young adults become eligible for their driving tests from the age of 16 and above. In fact, having a driving license is a mark of independence which is why for many of them, this is the most important hurdle of their lives. Being able to drive means you no longer need to depend on your parents or on the vagaries of the public transportation system to get from A to B. For teens in many countries, their driving tests usually come just before high school graduation, where parents who can afford it usually gift their children a car as well.

Managing Your Own Finances

In many countries, children don’t control their own finances and few get regularly pocket money to spend. Until their late teens, they usually don’t get any form of allowance either. So when they are finally allowed to handle their own finances, some soar and some crash. Whether it’s finding out where to get personal loan for a small business you wanna start with a friend, or deciding to save up everything for college, assuming financial responsibility for yourself is a definite sign of adulthood.

Since you cannot blame anyone else for your mistakes anymore: you can’t just know where to get personal loan, you have to be able to pay it off too.

Buying Your Own Alcohol

Unless you live in France and has had champagne since you were six, alcohol is yet another hurdle that most teens cannot wait to jump. While most teenagers do sample alcohol such as beer way before the legal age, in many countries they cannot buy alcohol until they reach a legal age limit. This is to potentially limit irresponsible drunk behaviour, but unfortunately, colleges are infamous for being places where teens- turned- adults first experience alcohol and quickly become addicts as well due to the availability and lack of control. The whole point of being an adult is being responsible for yourself, so enjoy the shots, but know when to say no as well. Click this link http://www.maxcredit.sg/ for more infomation about money lender in Singapore review.

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