Non-Vanity Plastic Surgeries That Benefit Your Health

Plastic surgery is usually and unfortunately demonized as a vanity project by many people who do not understand that, when performed correctly, it can help the patient psychologically and even strengthen the relevant parts of the body. There are several such surgeries that actually benefit your health and can help correct congenital defects. Here are some of them:

Reforming the Eye Lid

Some people develop a weak upper lid in the eye due to age, genetics, or fat deposits where it causes the eye lid to droop and cover the eye, thus obstructing vision. Ptosis surgery can be performed to correct this condition. The plastic surgeon will affix a thread or construct to open the eye lid in accordance with the contour of your eye. This can be done surgically or non-invasively and can be discussed with your surgeon. Make sure the surgeon is fully qualified and take care of your eye properly once the surgery is over to ensure proper and full recovery.

Smoothing Over the Skin

Acne is not considered a medically threatening condition, however over time; it can develop into a health-threatening condition especially if you regularly use makeup to cover up the scars. The makeup can attract bacteria that make the skin condition worse so it would be good if you can have the acne laser treatment to reduce acne scars and close wide pores. Use herbal creams and other natural products that won’t irritate your skin so that your skin will heal soon after the treatment.

Curing Nasal Congestion

Some people experience growths inside the nose that cause problems in breathing such extra cartilage or muscle. These can be surgically removed in a procedure known as rhinoplasty where the nose is reshaped. This is performed for aesthetic purposes as well, where plump and rounded noses can be changed to be aquiline and more defined. However, the same surgery is used to help unobstructed airflow through the nose too.

Sculpting the Perfect Mouth

Lip surgery is one of the commonest plastic surgeries that are done by women in order to get fuller lips, however a similar surgery is done medically when a person has a cleft lip or cleft palate. These conditions are usually congenital and can be repaired through surgery or other corrective methods. Surgery will join the gap in the two halves of the lips or palate while using moulding or retainer usually makes the body adjust to it and join together on its own, while the child is young. If left untreated, cleft lip/palate can cause speech impediments and breathing problems.

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