Is Preschool Enrichment Program Worth It?

Parents are realizing the benefits of enrolling their children for preschool enrichment program. This was not the case some time back. But this new trend has proved to be beneficial to children and parents as well. That is why the program has grown famous in present times. But even with all this success being achieved, many parents still remain in the dark about the true facts of the program. They do not know if their children need it or not. For this reason, some parents bypass the program and enrol their children in schools straight. In fact, PEP has plenty of benefits when it comes to modelling your child into a responsible citizen of the country.

Young children’s minds are supposed to be stimulated using PEP in order to make them perform well in school and also mould their future. Your child should start exploring the world from a tender age and be aware of how everything around them functions. Good enrichment programs include kids learning a second language, creative and dramatic play, and a bit of science experimentation. All these are designed to introduce your child to the real world. The program focuses on three things, bilingual education, child approach, and world exploration.

Exploring the world

Most of the learning part for a child happens in a room with walls surrounding them. This gives little time for the child to learn in the outside environment. The only time they get outside is during their playtime. PEP makes it possible for your child to learn while exploring the outside world. With organized trips to different places like the zoo, museum, and cultural centres, a child gets great exposure on how the outside world functions.  PEP functions in the same way as a child would go for tuition at experienced tutor in Singapore to add value to their education.

Whole child approach

As is well known, play is a child’s best friend. PEP combines a child’s play with education so that a child learns while playing at the same time. your child learns without knowing they are actually being taught something. The program also supports a child to develop their fine art skills by encouraging art and crafts. At some places, you can find as many activities for your child as you can imagine. Some include yoga and dancing in their programs.  Such activities can make kids with little interest in sports get an introduction to sports and other fun activities designed to stimulate the body.

Bi-lingual education

Every parent will be glad to hear their child speaking a second or more than two languages. Being bi-lingual or tri-lingual is a lot of fun and can prove to be of great benefit in future when seeking a job. So bless your child with this gift of learning a second language for it will be of great benefit to them when they grow up.

It is important as a parent to connect with your child and understand their thoughts. You can do so using fun programs like a family events enrichment program.

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