How To Get In Shape In 3 Months

Exercising has many benefits for your health and wellbeing. For starters, losing weight puts you at less risk for cancer and heart disease. Also, you will feel good when you look good. Exercising is known to improve depressed moods thanks to release of endorphins, the “fun” hormone.

It’s easy to tell someone to lose weight. But those who have tried know how hard it can be. Also, losing weight can actually have the opposite effects of what you intend. Scientists have found that obese people who lost hundreds of pounds by exercising regularly and reducing calorie consumption actually gained all that weight, and some more, back later. In this scenario, exercising seemed to be counterproductive. However, the problem here is not exercising per se, it’s not exercising in a healthy manner.

So, when you first make up your mind to lose weight, change that goal to “becoming healthy.” Losing weight rapidly is harmful. You will be more at risk for obesity later, and you will have loose skin hanging off your tummy. So, instead of becoming a Size 2 in three months, aim to become a healthy, exercising individual in three months.

Start Slow

Don’t jump headfirst into a hardcore exercising routine. You might hurt yourself. Therefore, start slow with small activities, especially if you haven’t participated in sports or similar active things before. Start by learning to skip rope, do jumping jacks and run up and down the staircase. Learn to stretch, and later you can join Pilates classes to improve flexibility.

As you get used to one activity, gently increase the intensity. If your body gets too used to a certain activity and a particular interval level, your workout won’t be burning any extra calories.

Adjust Your Diet

You must make serious adjustments to your diet once you start exercising. Do not reduce calorie intake sharply in a short time. If you do so, your body will go into starvation mode and will start storing more fat. That the exact opposite of what you want to happen. So, stop eating junk food and substitute your calories with fresh fruits, veggies and proteins.

Find Things You Like to Do

Your workout session will be more productive and last long if you find things to do that you actually like. If you don’t like doing pushups, join Pilates classes to work your core instead. Run outside if you don’t like the treadmill, and keep things moving with a good playlist.

Lose weight following the advice given below. Otherwise, you could end up causing your body more harm than good.

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