How To Choose A Cookery Workshop For Your Group?

Every corporate team wishes to try something different; indeed, managers want to come up with innovative plans or events that will help engage employees in a social context break the ice among employees and help them enjoy the experience as well. One such event could be a cookery workshop. Indeed, there is nothing like food that warms the heart and brings out the social nature among people. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider to make a corporate cookery workshop a success.

Know the interests of the participants

Before you book a cookery workshop for your employees, similar to corporate team building activities Singapore, you need to decide which kind of culinary session would interest your employees. For instance, if you have a mix of young adults in your team, they will like something like a cocktail making session. On the other hand, family men and women would not mind a workshop where popular and traditional dishes are demonstrated. Again, the workshop should be conducted easily, so that people with varying interests and skills will feel interested; a gourmet cooking experience would not be for everyone.

Plan the event

The restaurants, hotels or catering services that organize team building activities for corporate usually have different kinds of dishes or cooking preparations that can be held during the session. Hence, you can choose from diverse workshops like salad preparations, making desserts, drinks or cooking curry dishes. Hence, you could confer with your employees and understand the kind of class or workshop they would like to attend. In case there is a large group attending or you would have competitive sessions, then different kinds of cooking workshops can be organized in a single day. For further information about corporate baking class please click here.

Make a relaxed itinerary

Even if the event is a team building exercise in disguise, allow employees to relax and come in their casual selves. The workshops can be made fun and social with the chef breaking the group into teams to work together and come up with something unique by the end of the session. It is necessary to know how the chef would conduct the session and gain feedback from other corporate parties who might have attended similar sessions. The sessions should be enjoyed by all participants and no one should find the sessions too difficult to follow. There should be group meals at the end of the session so that everyone ends up with fond memories of the day. These are some ways a culinary workshop can be made fun and interesting for the employees.

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