Games That Will Surely Break The Ice With Any New Group

Taking over a new group or class under your wing? Perhaps it is a single member. Either way, here are a few games suggestions to help you break the ice.

 In a classroom

  • Hang man – we’ve all played these as kids. But did you know that this is also a great game to break the ice and make the awkwardness disappear? As the nature of the game asks that its participants know to spell, it’s a game more suitable for older kids. However, you can simplify your word, and kids as young as 8 to 10 years can easily join. You might want to give the “man” a few extra things (like a hat or hair) so they have more chances to try at the word.
  • Lost on a desert island – if you’ve not heard of the game, it’s quite simple. Made to help people share a little about themselves, this game is more suitable for older students. As this is a game that doesn’t need props and can be performed indoors, it’s ideal for the classroom. You simply give them a scenario where they are lost at sea, and land themselves in an island. Each person has to pick one item to take with them…and they’ll have to explain what it is and why they select it. Apart from being an obvious icebreaker this game is also great for team bonding activities Singapore among classmates.
  • Rock-paper-scissor war – again designed for younger students, we are pretty sure you know how the basic form of this game works. To make it more interesting, you divide the class into teams, and have them battle each other while the others cheer and show their support for their members.

In the office

  • Never have I ever – again, we are pretty sure you’ve played at least some version of this game. Obviously, if you’re playing this in office hours, or in the office itself, you might have to play a tame version…but that too can be fun! Be creative with your questions. While it might not be one of the best ways for corporate team building it can certainly help you get to know your team members. For further information about team building please click here.

Outdoor activities for squads who can take it outside

  • Picnic for the team – if your work place is less the formal sort and more the close knit family, then this sort of occasion only rises when you have to add a new member. If you can take a day off, taking your crew out for a picnic in a nearby park can help to really break the ice and make your new member feel welcome.
  • Roughing it together in a wilderness camp – if you can afford to take your crew out for a weekend, then a camping trip is ideal to get to know your new member. Only working together as a unit will help you survive this weekend plan…so it’s a great activity to test the dedication of your new member as well…

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