Creating Attractive And Unique Bouquets For Weddings Ceremonies

Wedding planners help clients plan the theme, choose the décor accordingly and much more. Of all the planning that goes into the big day, you have to decide the décor. For instance flowers have been used in almost any event, as it’s elegant and creates freshness in the ambience. Moreover, it’s a great way to uplift a boring or glum venue, when combined with other accessories such as candles, rocks, vintage beads, etc. Given that, you must be overly excited about your marriage. Deciding which wedding gown to pick, what colour combination of décor to select and so on. One of the concerns you have is with regards to the bouquet and you’re in a dilemma. Therefore, you could discuss with the wedding planner about the theme for you to decide on the rest.

Before meeting the wedding planner, you might be interested in searching for some ideas. As a fact, you’d be able to draw up a rough idea of what to expect. Therefore, this article would be helpful for you, when you’re meeting with the planner, contacting the reliable florist and so on. Looking at the following bouquet suggestions, you will be able to decide on a colour as well. Given that, here are some of the tips that can be used to create lovely flora bouquets suitable for different wedding themes:

 Peach theme

For a theme such as peach or shade of orange, there are many flowers that you could use to make the wedding bouquet in Singapore. You could use a mix of light shade of yellow or orange garden rose, orange ranunculus, coupled with some poppies, foxgloves. Instead of using ferns white wax flower to add some green to highlight the flowers.

 Red or pink theme

There are ranges of choices that you could select for a flower arrangement with a pink or red theme. For instance you could have pink roses, white clematis, ivory or garden roses and small Red Leucadendron Pods. Or for a darker pink and red blend, tree peonies, light pink clematis, orange ranunculus, ferns and white anemone would be a great combination.

 Purple theme

Those of you who love purple can create a purple flower bouquet with shades of purple and darker pink. For instance this include fuchsia peonies, lilac, astilbe, mad hair fern, purple and dark pink anemones, pink and light purple hydrangea with some berry plant.

You could blend different vibrant colours and mixed types of flowers to create a unique and attractive bouquet for the wedding. Keep in mind that it, shouldn’t steal the glance of the guests from you. So, think about how you could blend in the colours to match and compliment your gown, shoes and accessories.

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