Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is considered a marketing technique used since the time the concept of marketing was born. Given recent facts, time is yet to bring down this form of marketing technique as it is methods that is adopted by many companies around the world to promote their products among a targeted audience. With all the new inventions and technological reforms in place, outdoor advertising is still holding its ground among several other marketing methods. Read on to find out what sort of benefits can be gained from using outdoor advertising in promoting your products.

Throughout the day

An advertisement that is placed outside had the ability to be exposed to the public or targeted segment of people 24 hours a day, every day of the week until it is taken down. As opposed to mediums, such as TV, and radio that serve as methods of promotion for a small period of time, advertisements placed outdoors are in for a longer period of time and not for a small stipulated time period.


Outdoor advertisements, also known as out of home advertising, are few of the most inexpensive ways to be able to promote a particular product and have the ability to be able to reach a large set of customers. As per research, this type of advertisements cost 70 percent less than TV and 50 percent less than radio advertising. In addition, this type of advertisements can easily be incorporated with radio and TV, giving many agencies the opportunity to be able to work with media advertising agencies to be able to produce advertisements that can eventually be rather effective.


Out of home advertising have the benefit of being exposed at all times, throughout the day. If these advertisements are strategically positioned at busy intersections, and along many highways the amount of eyes that are going to be drawn towards these ads while in their cars stuck in traffic is going to be immense. Commuting from home to work and vice versa, we need something to look at and be engaged in, thus resulting in more views of the open air ads.

More flexibility

When it comes to outdoor advertisement, it gives the agencies the ability to strategically place them in order to target a particular audience. For instance, if a new discotheque has been opened and they wish to let people know about it and bring in the crowd, they should place their ads outside a restaurant that would attract diners who would be interested in some sort of post dinner entertainment. On the other hand, if the same ads were put in either the radio, or the newspaper it would not be able to have the same effect as the outdoor ones.

All form of outdoor advertising is advantageous over other forms of marketing. While being the most cost effective and gives companies a lot of flexibility to work with.

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