A Glimpse Of Chinese Culture Related To Childbirth

Different cultures across the world could be fascinating. Studying them in depth could be even more interesting. China is a nation with a rich culture which they consider is a proud heritage of their country. They have various customs peculiar to certain occasions in life. They have their unique ways of celebrating special moments. Child birth is one such joyous occasion which the Chinese are highly concerned about.

Preparing the mother

Just like in any other country their pregnant women are treated with utmost care and respect. The husband carries his expecting wife into the house over a pan of burning coal in the hope that she will get through her labour successfully. The period of pregnancy is a very crucial time period for the Chinese woman. They are to watch their behaviour, health and eating patterns carefully. The Chinese believe that whatever said and done during pregnancy could affect the baby directly. Women are expected to behave well, speak politely and engage in creative and productive activities. According to what they believe this would turn their baby into a well behaved and polite kid.

Bizarre customs

These are not bizarre in a gross-you-out kind of way but it is sometimes difficult to give a logical explanation to the customs which they adhere to. Making Taimaobi out of baby’s hair is one such tradition followed by the Chinese. They gather the first bits of hair from a baby’s first haircut to make these souvenirs. There is another unusual custom followed by the expecting mothers in order to ease the labour pain in the future. They drink a special kind of herbal potion to alleviate any pain caused during labour.

Traditions unique to them

The Chinese are superstitious about certain things. This is evident when it comes to naming a new born child. They absolutely abhor the idea of naming a child before their born. They would use alternate names for the kid till they are born. Till then nobody discusses names for the child that is to be born. They believe that it would attract malicious spirits to the baby and cause it harm. Making a memorable Taimaobi seems to make sense than this idea of keeping the spirits away. It may sound absurd to anyone who is not a part of this culture but the Chinese would definitely wait till the baby arrives to name it. The same goes for baby showers. They believe that baby showers should only take place after the mother gives birth.

Some of the rituals practised by the Chinese may not have a rational explanation to them but they definitely were a part of a rich culture. With the development of science and technology even the modern Chinese would have second thoughts about certain customs they have but they are trying to preserve a culture which has survived for so many years. In a world where technology controls everything, there are countries which still have high regard for their customs and traditions.

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