5 Ways How You Can Take Care Of Your All New IPhone

When you invest in any iPhone, you’re investing on your personality and your social image. No matter what the Apple haters say, they will never turn down a free iPhone; that’s the reality. If you have an all-new iPhone, it is the best to take of it from the early stages. But physics and the nature doesn’t mind how much you spent on it. It will make the devices fall, freeze, and basically harm the device whenever there is chance. There are many ways to safeguard your brand new iPhone.

Here are 5 out of them.

  • Avoid using them with oily fingers

This is an issue that keeps getting worse gradually. But using the screen with oily fingertips can harm the touch functionality in a very destructive way. The chemicals of oil can directly damage the static electric field in the screenings, causing it to malfunction. On the other hand, oily fingers makes both tempered glasses and screens hazy, you don’t want that.

  • Use a Gorilla glass

Why would you want to use a Gorilla glass so specifically, over typical tempered glasses? When Gorilla glasses came into the market, a majority didn’t believe what the company claimed to possess. That’s when they had to prove; which they did. These protective lenses are scientifically and experimentally proven to sustain almost all kinds of shocks and hard contacts with the screen.

  • Always use authentic cables, adapters and charging

If you ever used duplicate data cables to charge you iPhone, you have a very high chance of damaging the battery life gradually that will destroy the power of the battery. That’s why you should always go for genuine replacements.

  • Do NOT use the devices with cracked screens

Although you could have just though that, ‘oh that’s not an issue’, that’s just plain ignorance. There are many disadvantages of using mobiles with cracked screens, especially just scattered iPhones. The best thing you can do is taking your device for an iPhone or an ipad screen repair, so that you won’t have to deal with all the collateral damage such as cutting your fingertips.

  • Maintaining hardware in the best say

Unlike the typical apps and other related physical items, your device’s inner circuit parts are extremely essential for a longer lifespan of the mobile. This is why timely investments of any required need of an iphone repair in Singapore will always help you money and be less involved with the trouble. That way you will not have anything to protect them.

  • Use it with a housing

There are all kinds of housing that are designed for specific tasks. Shockproof iPhone covers are one such things. Buy a good housing and keep the phone away from all kinds of damages by contact.

As long as you take these places; then there will be no issues at all. That is the best way to make the best out of your newest device and keep them for a long time.

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